Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three Year Anniversary

Today is my 3 year anniversary to the most amazing man I have ever known.

 When we said through good times and through bad times, we meant it. Our marriage started off with infertility and three years later we are still going through it. We have been tested and I can  proudly say that our marriage is stronger then ever. I look at this man beside me in this picture and I ask how I was so lucky to have him put in my life. Total opposites we are, but perfect for each other in every way.

Happy Anniversary Al. I love you more then words could even begin to describe.

We leave tomorrow for a trip to Eureka Springs (where we got married). I found three pictures of our wedding and we are going to the wedding chapel to take same pose three years later. Not in these outfits because I cant fit in my wedding dress anymore :) I thought this would be awesome to add to our wedding album. We are staying in a treehouse for the weekend and just shopping and spending time with each other. Much needed time.

I will take some pics for you guys! See you Monday :)

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