Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend, Quilts, Etc.

After a very long week at work, this weekend was amazing. On Saturday Al and I went to the Art Museum and loved the newest exhibits there. They had a photo realism and it was unbelievable. The artist takes a photo and recreates it on oil canvas, but it looks identical to photo. This talent just blew me away! Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos of that exhibit. I was able to take photos of the Illusions exhibit though.

Not the greatest pics, it was taken on my phone.

After that we met up with a friend for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We haven't seen him in a few years. He just went through a divorce and they were both friends of ours. In fact I introduced them in the earlier days. It was so nice seeing him and catching up. On our way home after dinner I took this pic while driving down the road:

On Sunday I decided to get back into quilting. I haven't said much lately, but I took about a two week break. Every time I tried to quilt I just couldn't get into it. Yesterday I forced myself and I am so happy that I did. After an hour or so, I was feeling good and loving what I was doing again. I finished up Amanda twin girl quilts and mailed them today.

I also finished my husbands Arkansas Razorback lap quilt for our anniversary (coming up).

I wasn't sure about the backing I had picked out, but after it was done I really liked it.

After finishing all those I started on my next quilt project. My fellow blogger Lisa who is pregnant with boy/girl twins. Here is the layout of her little boys quilt.

So I had a pretty busy Sunday.

ON TTC Front:

Against everyone's advice, I made the decision to start Femara this weekend. Hoping it was the right decision, but it was what I thought was best for me and don't regret my decision in the least. I have started charting and taking my ovulation tests. Go to doctor on Wednesday for more blood work and u/s. My hcg levels will definitely be zero by then. They were probably zero by this weekend. In case you didn't know, the LH strips can also pick up HCG before the HCG strips can. They had lines last week and then disappeared on Friday. Hoping to pull something out of this cycle.

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