Friday, April 12, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday

Well today is cd (300) seriously I have no idea what cd it is. I did trigger shot yesterday morning for my cyst and wasted $70. Not to happy about this whole situation. I know that doctors are not perfect and I know they are only human. It just seems to me that my doctor is not on top of things. Of course can any doctor or any other person be on top of things as much as an infertile trying to get pregnant? My E2 levels came back at 46 for a 26 mm "follicle". Okay any of us that have been in this struggle for any time knows that the average E2 levels for a mature follicle is 150-300 per follicle. The doctor knew this and still told me to take the trigger shot. Of course I didn't find the number out until after I wiped my @ss with the money or I wouldn't have triggered.

Guess my question is, if this is indeed a cyst, the trigger shot shouldn't affect me finally getting my AF, right?

Also not sure if I mentioned but I have tried my hand at charting. It isn't going so well :) Funny thing is, it is recommended that you have five hours of uninterrupted sleep before testing. LMAO I can't remember the last time I had more then two hours of uninterrupted sleep. I think that is making my numbers inaccurate. I will keep trying at it for a few cycles because I don't like to quit at things.

Hope everyone has great weekend. I think we have yard work in store for us. Had a freak ice storm on Wednesday. Our temps went from low 80's to low 50's in about 20 minutes and then went from thunderstorms with chance of tornados to thunderstorms with ice. Here are some pics of what it did at our house. By no means major damage, but still neat to see:

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