Monday, April 15, 2013

This & That Monday

Had a nice relaxing weekend for the most part. We worked in the yard this weekend, picking up all the tree branches from the ice storm all along our fence line. I also pulled weeds in my rose gardens and put down fresh mulch for the year. Mowed the front and side yard, while Al moved the big yard with the riding mower. I worked on quilts this Sunday. Pictures to follow later in blog. 

As many of you know, I started Femara on April 5th. I went in for check up to make sure my hcg levels were zero on the following Wednesday, 10th and they were. The doctor did an u/s and found a possible follicle or cyst. According to my temping chart I did ovulate. So not sure what it is. After thinking long and hard about what I did, I came to a conclusion that seems to make sense. By the time of my doctors appointment, my Femara wouldn't have had time to actually work yet. I believe the 26 mm was something I produced on my own. I am having pains on my left side yesterday and today. So I think the Femara did its job and produced some more follicles. Since I had a trigger shot last Thursday, all my ovulation and hcg sticks on positive. I am testing daily until it leaves me system and hopefully I can catch the next surge from the Femara.  I never imagined I would be pregnant the first of the year and take so long to have another active cycle. We all know that even though I manipulated my body, this cycle is not an active cycle. All I did was cause more wait, but that is okay with me. I am not a person that wants to stand back on the sidelines. You never know until you try something. Hoping within the next few months my body will be regulated again after my surgery and we can start trying (for real). Instead of doing what I am now just to keep my mind busy.

Here is my chart that I just started a week ago. I have bloodwork on Wednesday so we will see how accurate this chart really is.

Here are pictures of the twin quilts I am working on for Lisa. 

Oh I also got my hair chopped off. I try and try to grow my hair out, but it is not for me! Please forgive the "No make-up" look.

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