Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I talked a little about this on my facebook group this morning, but I would also love to hear from all of my followers on this question.

The longer you suffer through infertility, do you feel that friends etc. seem to forget and not be as supportive over the years? 

I feel like I don't have anyone in real life to talk about anymore, not even my husband. When I bring it up I get very quick answers or almost the feeling of " Oh god this again". I don't know if it is me being sensitive or that people can't truly understand and feel for something they have never been through or encountered. 

I am always irritated with my co-worker for missing so much work and coming to work crying daily. I have always thought she was being way more dramatic then she needed to be. When she comes in crying anymore I don't even ask her what is wrong, because I already know the answer I will get. Is this the same thing? Do people not ask me anymore because they know the answer they will get? 

If anyone else has gone through this or is still going through this, please share with me. 

I know I will always have you girls and that is HUGE. I don't know how to get through this without ongoing support from somewhere. 

ON TTC Front:

I talked to AL last night and we decided to go forward with the Laparoscopic surgery to see if my right tube is blocked and if so, hopefully get in opened and working. I want to make sure we have done everything before seeing Dr. Kim later this year. I emailed my clinic today to see about scheduling it.

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