Friday, October 26, 2012

Funny Friday & Good bye Wild Thang

First things first. I decided to just go with the test results from yesterday (ugh).

Without further a due, its Funny Infertility Friday!

Sorry but this one made me crack up. Been there a few times :)

Okay on to serious business. Today at 3:30 I say goodbye to "Wild Thang". Most of you already know this, but I have a few new followers. Wild Thang is a god awful tattoo I got at the age of 16 by a guy who thought he was a tattoo artist. At 16 I loved anyone tattoo artist that was free. Here comes the saying " you get what you pay for" I loved is tattoo for the few hours that night I was drunk and have hated it for the next 21 years. What grown woman, mother, wife wants wild thang inked on her chest? I am sure none of us :) Although I did have some wild times, well lots of wild times in my past, I am ready to close that chapter of my life. I am going to post pictures of the whole process, hope you guys don't mind. I might get sick thinking about the cost of tattoo being zero to have done and costing me about $1500-$3000 to have it removed.

Here is picture of Wild Thang, as seen this way for the last time in my life!!!!

Hope all of you have a great weekend. We are off camping. Highs in 50's and lows in 30's, should be fun with a big nice fire! I  will take pics and post on Monday.

Please keep your fingers crossed for Leslie @ She has reached beta day of her FET and after the loss of her precious son earlier this year.

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