Monday, October 15, 2012

Rain/Sunshine/Theme Parks

 BTW the private setting didn't work or I am a complete idiot and can't work it. My post wouldn't show up on bloggers news feeds and some invited bloggers couldn't see it at all. For the current time I am back to pubic postings, UGH!

My husband took of last Thursday and Friday so we could go on our fall camping trip. It has been cancelled twice now due to rain. We were kinda bummed having to cancel again this weekend, but it turned out to be the best decision. Friday afternoon we decided to go to the casino and I won almost $400. Then Friday night and ALL day Saturday, it rained HARD. My backyard had a pond and the dogs were even scared to go out in it. The day before I sent my sheltie to the groomers (figures it rains afterwards). 

Everyone refers to poor Izzy as a "she" :) I just tell him that he is a handsome guy.

So Sunday we decided to buy some tickets to the local theme park and have a family day with me, Al, my daughter and then my sis, her husband, and two little girls. I'm sure you all know that I hate crowds and have severe anxiety around them. I took an Ativan before we went and about 3 o'clock I started losing my shit and thought it was time to go home. My husband suggested I take another. Good thing, because I lasted until 8 that night! I rode almost all of the rides and my four year old niece rode a hanging roller coaster! It did scare me to death. I couldn't even sit beside her because I thought she would fly out. I am still shaking my head about that! She is one brave little girl for sure. Here are some pics of our family fun Sunday.

                             (Cierra and my 8 year old niece Bailey)

                                 (My four year old niece Briley)

                                 (The girls on Tilt O Whirl) Dizzy
                            (Haha my husband on carousel)
                              (Spooky stuff all over park)
                              (My sis and Bailey on log ride)
                             (I really like this old coach wagon)
                              Taking a break to eat. Starting with my husband in yellow, my sis, niece, bro-in-law, niece, and my beautiful daughter.

Onto to some ttc news...... Oh, there is nothing to tell. I just wanted to get everyone excited. Levels still haven't hit zero yet. It's weird to think this has been going on for 7 weeks now. I do have faith that I will have a cycle again before I hit menopause. We are going to start on clomid with my next active cycle. I also have consultation with my RE on November 7th. I will fill you guys in more about that later.


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