Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finished Blanket

Well everyone, I am very happy to announce that I finished my sister's ugly OSU (Oklahoma State University) crocheted blanket. There are not words to describe how many this makes me. First of all, I hate the color orange and specially OSU orange..... Then it reminded me of something a deer hunter should wear out in the woods so other hunters could see him :) I haven't given it to her yet, but I really hope she enjoys. Here are some pics and you might need sunglasses for the bright ass orange.

I will be so happy to see this bad boy go. OU fans do NOT make or keep OSU stuff in their homes. I should have been banned from the fun group for this, LOL

Next craft project, my new sewing machine that came in last night. Let me tell you I felt like a caveman trying to figure out a cell phone. I might have even scratching my head and underarms and started jumping around making noises. The directions don't even have words, only poorly done illustrations. Thankfully my husband jumped in, and my sister called us while on you tube trying to figure out the threading. Two hours later.... TADA a working sewing machine. I kept asking Al what all the dials and buttons were for? He replied "read the directions". Directions are so over-rated.

Here is my new totally confusing sewing machine...

Since I didn't have any fabric to practice on, I went in my drawer and got a pair of panties and cut them up, so I could sew them back together. Hmmmm unless I am into some kinky crotchless fetish I better just throw those bad boys away. I promise I will go buy some real fabric today :) I know the rest of my panties are probably scared shitless right now.


My pee sticks were almost white over the weekend and I have my two week appointment for another beta, but I was sick. I went in yesterday and had my blood draw. I also asked if they could check my progesterone to see where I am at in this 2 month cycle. I also asked if hcg levels were low enough if they could give me something to induce my period. The silly nurse asked me "Have you not had a period"... my response "well that all depends, Ive been bleeding almost daily since before my original beta on the 9th. I guess a period could have been in there somewhere". She obviously didn't like my answer. So I will update if I find anything out today. Oh I did have my thyroid tested the other day through my pcp to see if it was effecting my anxiety. My levels for TSH came back at 1.510 (guess it says I am normal).

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