Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Long asked question (Again)

I know as a blogger who is suffering with infertility, that this question has been asked so many times. I think personally, I have touched on this subject at least three times.

IUI verses IVF

I know there are so many factor that play a huge part in successful treatment or failed treatment. When I went through my first four iui's and ended up with two chemical pregnancies, I swore I was done with it and moving on to something that would work. Out of my two fresh ivf's I ended up with a chemical or ectopic, hell I think my doctors are still confused on what happened.  So lets look at this:

IUI $2,500 (per Cycle)  ended in two chemical pregnancies
IVF #1&2 $25,000 ended in chemical pregnancy or ectopic

The only difference I see her is the cost of each treatment and the same outcome. I am worried about going through iui's again and failing. I do feel better at what we are getting for the cost though. Since this go around insurance  is paying for appointments, bloodwork, and ultrasound, plus I have medications (Follistim), it will cost about $400 per iui. I am really starting to feel more confident going backwards. I know that many people after failed ivf's continue forward with them. That is NOT an option for us. My iui cycle gave us up to a 25% chance verses ivf gave us anywhere from 38% -41%.

After all the research and stuffing money back like crazy. I think we will be able to swing about 6 more treatments of iui. All I need is one good egg, just one! I would love to hear stories again on anyone who got pregnant after failed ivf. This could be naturally, clomid, iui or any other means besides ivf.

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