Saturday, October 26, 2013

We missed it

Well this cycle was a wash. We did the IUI one day earlier than expected because my progesterone levels were 1.10 on Wednesday morning. I went home that evening around 5 and took my trigger then had our IUI on 11am Thursday morning. Yesterday I was having lots of pressure and pain ( like I do every month at ovulation time. In my heart I knew I was ovulating yesterday. I think we can all agree that we know our bodies and especially after years of infertility and treatment. Last night I tried to get my DH to do the deed but he was tired. At that moment I knew that the $300 IUI and all the meds I took this month were wasted. I think next month we will stick to the meds and just TI. This way we have so much more control over the situation and the sperm will also stay alive much longer verses being washed.

Here is my chart...... You win some you lose some, right . There is always next month :)

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