Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update from Dr. Kim

Well I received these results from Dr. Kims office this morning.

Dear Tonisha,
The following are your results with recommendations per Dr. Kwak-Kim:
NK assay:
50:1 10.6 should be 15 or less
cd56 9.0 should be 12 or less
Th1/Th2 cytokines:
TNF 43.4 should be 30.6 or less
IFN 18.6 should be 20.5 or less
ANA positive 1:320
Chemistry panel - ok
Testosterone level 38 (norm 8-48) your level has increased from 31
TSH 1.18
FT3 3.4
FT4 1.22 all good
Insulin Free 17.3 (norm 2.6-24.9) your level has increased from 13.
a. Increase Metformin ER to 750 mg twice daily (will send order to Walgreen's on 27th)
b. Repeat Chemistry panel, Insulin Free, Testosterone in 4 weeks
c. Maintain low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise

It says to increase my Metformin, but to be very honest I never started taking it.
I sent them an email and explained that I never started this medication. I also asked if there is anything I can do besides taking it?

Anyone have any suggestions? Since my levels are all within normal ranges on the Insulin and Testosterone wise. I wonder if upping my exercise and diet might help?

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