Monday, October 21, 2013

Updates & FB Group

Just wanted to let all my group members know that there is an issue going on with facebook this morning. It won't let anyone post in the group. I have sent a message to them and hopefully it will be taken care of quickly. 

Today was my CD10 u/s. I have one Lone Ranger follicle trying to mess up the party for the rest of my guests. It is measuring at 16 and the doctor thinks I could ovulate before our iui on Friday. He doesn't want to trigger me yet because the other four are only around 13mm. He wants me to start using my ovulation strips tonight . I go back in for another u/s on Wednesday and should trigger that evening if I haven't already ovulated. I guess at this point it is really a waiting game. I don't want to spend the money on iui if I only have one follicle that will be mature. Of course this cycle won't be a bust either way. If I ovulate early then we will just do it the natural way and wait for next month. Still feeling hopeful either way :)


  1. Hopefully the other follies will catch up and you will have a great shot with that IUI!

  2. Sending nothing but hopeful vibes your way my friend!

  3. Hope the others catch up. What a blessing to have so many reasons to hope.