Monday, October 28, 2013

First Job

My daughter got her first job this weekend. It was a big day for the both of us. I am still sitting here wondering where the years went? Also amazed at what a smart, beautiful, funny person I raised. For so many years I was scared that I didn't do a good job raising her. For so many years I was a single mother with no help or support from  her father. I worked two jobs and did whatever I had to so we had food on our table and she was taken care of. Now I sit her and look at her and know that it all paid off. What a proud moment this is for me. It also helps push my forward on having another child. I always joked that my daughter would be in college before she had a brother or a sister and that is looking like a real possibility. I am going to be one of "those" late parents, LOL. I can accept that and be happy with it. I think being an older parent is better in some respects. I know that now I am financially stable, more patience, have a loving husband, a good home and have spent many years and lots of money.

Today I sit here so proud of my accomplishments as a mother to Cierra. I also sit here today and hope I can get the chance to love another child.

TTC News:

Today is 4DPIUI but only 3DPO. I am choosing to remain hopeful :)

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