Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well I have been very busy since posting about our meeting with Dr. Kim last week. I found out yesterday that the insurance approved our request for the IVIG or Gammagard. Still waiting to hear back on how much they will actually cover. The next hurdle was to find a place in Oklahoma to administer the infusion. This has been a huge problem! The Cancer Center here in OKC will do the infusions, but only with an order from a doctor within the state. We did get a referral from Chicago to see a Rheumatologist here and still waiting to hear back. Hopefully we can get in fairly quickly. The Cancer Center said that 90% of their patients get orders from their IVIG from Rheumatology. So I think as of this point, Al and I are going to start the blood thinners and steroids until we get in to see the Rhem and from there we will start our infusions (fingers crossed).

I never realized how difficult it is to get anything done when you have seen a specialist out of state. 

I am definitely looking forward to what life has in store for us. I believe in my heart that it will be good things.

You always have to believe


  1. That's great news that your insurance will cover at least some of the IVIG (here's to hoping they cover all of it). I hope you are able to get in to see someone soon. I believe...I believe that good things are in store for you my friend!

  2. So happy you have a more comprehensive plan of action, AND your insurance is helping!