Thursday, October 24, 2013

A day full of rockstars and transvestites

Well lets start off with my iui today. We walked into the clinic and were called back by my favorite nurse within five minutes. I asked her if Dr. H had been practicing because of all the hard transfers we've had to date. She laughed and said she was going to give it a shot today because Dr. H was gone and she had back up just in case. I won't lie, I was pretty upset. These IUI and IVF transfers usually cause me to bleed, there is a lot of pain and it takes forever to get the catheter in my uterus. She came in the room and asked if I was ready and reluctantly I said yes. We asked about the sperm count and she replied that we had 56 million with 91% swimming around super fast. Score!  Then the most amazing thing happened, the catheter went into place within a few minutes. There it was on the u/s and then we saw the beautiful white blob of sperms go right into place. No pain, no bleeding and under five minutes.  We were all applauding and smiling. Being so happy, Nurse M printed off a picture to show Dr. H and said she was going to brag all day long at the clinic. When we were leaving all the nurses said they heard that nurse M did a fantastic job. She is hired! So today has been a huge success all around.

Now on to transvestites, LOL

My boss gave me two tickets for the Rocky Picture Horror at the Lyric Theater tonight! Al and I are going to have a nice dinner and then go to the show. Any RHPS fans out there?

And before I forget today the two awards for rock star of the day goes to .......................

My DH Al for his stellar sperm
Nurse M for doing the best transfer ever, ever, ever............

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