Monday, October 14, 2013

Here we go

Well today is CD3 and I went in for my blood work, not only for Dr. Kim, but also my clinic here. As I have said before, things are getting pretty confusing. I have many tests to do and can't get them done at one place because that would make to much sense. Every cycle I have to get the following done at my RE clinic and then Fed-Ex the blood to Dr. Kim:
ANA test
NK assay F/U
TH1/TH2 Cytokine Ratio
then I go about ten miles to the outside lab and have them do blood work for :
Comprehensive Metabolic Chemistry
Testosterone and they fax the results to Dr. Kim.

I left the house this morning knowing very well that it would be a crazy morning and it did not disappoint.

First stop was RE clinic for my appointment at 8:20. I had my baseline u/s done. Everything is quiet and looking good. Lining measured thin, I had 22 antral follicles and no cysts. I start my Femara tonight and then Follistim in a few days. From there I traveled over to Labcorp. When I walked in the door there was a lady signing in with three young kids and one man sitting in the waiting room. I figured things would move pretty quickly. Boy was I wrong about that assumption. I guess all three of these small children needed blood work and only one person was working in the entire lab. So not only would she check you in, she was also doing the labs. Needless to say the children were screaming, the mother was screaming and the lab tech was freaking out because the waiting room was filling up and she couldn't get the kids to sit still so she could get blood. I know this because she kept all the doors opened and you could hear EVERYTHING! She kept telling the woman that she would have to come back when they  had more help so they could hold the kids down. Finally about 35 or 40 minutes later the tech comes out and leaves the woman and kids in the room with door opened. She helped called the man in front of me up and asked him a few questions and then told him to hold on for a few minutes and she would draw his blood. Some how he didn't understand what she said and went back into the room with the woman and kids. I told the lab tech he went back there and she just ignored me. I then said much louder that he was back in the room with the lady. About that time two of the kids came out bleeding because she didn't wrap their arms up. I lost my shit at that moment and asked for her supervisors number. She gave it to me and while she was cleaning up blood from screaming kids and removing the man out of the room, I called. Well lets say her supervisors attitude was no better. She said they were understaffed and for me to deal with it. I explained that was totally unacceptable and either one of them were fit to work in or run a place dealing with peoples blood. I then asked for her supervisors number, called and left a message. Finally after an hour in a half I got my blood drawn. By the time it was over with this morning I was so upset and frustrated. Because Dr. Kim is from out of state I will need to continue using Labcorp to draw my blood. This made me decide very quickly this morning to switch to iui verses ti. I can't imagine going through this shit for month after month. Don't get me wrong, I will do whatever it takes, but would prefer to not deal with this place anymore than I absolutely need to.

Point of story............... All my blood is drawn, in a box and dropped in the Fed-Ex box for delivery in Chicago tomorrow.  Also back in the saddle on TTC!!


  1. Eye ya mama! Holy good god! Thats a lot.

  2. Sounds so incredibly unprofessional and stressful. I can't believe they had the same person checking you in as the one drawing your blood. I think that saying they were understaffed is an understatement for sure. I wouldn't want to go back there either!

  3. WOW. There are no words. I wouldn't go back, either!