Thursday, July 25, 2013

This & That, Episode (Alot)

Well we just finished up cycle #40 for our long awaited baby. I don't want to say it was a failure because I don't feel like it was, but it was a bfn. I did ovulate and produced numerous follicles this cycle so I do know my body is working as hard as it can with what we have to work with. These conditions can be hazardous :) As I said before, Al and I decided to take this next cycle off before seeing Dr. Kim so I can mentally and physically prepare my body for this visit. I am not sure how exactly my bladder is suppose to hold 30 ounces of water. All of my previous treatments my RE had me empty my bladder because it was to full and that was only with about 24 ounces. I just don't want to pee on anyone and I am sure they feel the same way. I guess if I do, it is something I can always remember with this trip. 

For anyone who has seen Dr. Kim or could give me advice in general, what questions should I be prepared with? It seems like the past three years I have asked every question under the moon and now I am just drawing a blank. Even though this is a new appointment I still have been here many times (if that makes any sense). I know all the basics and the real questions I have is "why can't we get pregnant with all our test being normal"? well no one has an answer for that. So any advice on that would be awesome. Also, did you drink 30 ounces of water before your appointment? Did you have to wait for all the blood work to come back before she decided on treatment? I noticed on many people who have seen her, they go on to do TI, has she ever told you to go ahead with IUI verses TI? Oh and if you are wondering, I have :

1 month, 1 week & 2 days ladies!! 

I have posted this on my infertility blog, but wanted to post here also. If you are one of the woman who I made a quilt for and had your baby or babies, can you please send me a picture of them on the quilt? I want to do a very special blog post with all the of the quilts and their new little owners:
 You can email me at with the picture if you will allow me to share with my blog followers.

As you know I am still on a break from making quilts. I am still searching for that sparkle I had that disappeared. I know it is around here somewhere and I just need to locate it again. Please know that even though I am not making the quilts right now, you ladies that are pregnant hold a very special place in my heart.


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