Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well I woke up this morning to cross hairs on my Fertility Friend. For the most part I think this chart is pretty accurate. Although for the past two months my date of ovulation has been off by a day. For some reason it keeps adding day of ovulation on the day of my trigger. I know for a fact that I haven't ovulated on those days. I do like obsessing over my temps during the 2ww, it gives me something to do so that the time doesn't go so slowly. If this cycle doesn't work I should start around July 27th and that cycle following, I am taking a break. I will still temp, but I have decided not to have intercourse while I am ovulating. This way I know for sure my next cycle will be on time and I don't add any additional stress or anxiety to my already anxiety filled body. From everything I have read about Dr. Kim, she likes for woman to come in before ovulation and after there monthly. I looks if all goes according to schedule that I should be seeing her a week after my cycle starts. So about CD 10 and I don't think it gets any better on timing than that.

I am also starting up my new anxiety medications so that will give them a little while to start fully working before my appointment with her. I am still not happy with the fact that I had to start up medications again. I wish that I had a choice in this. My anxiety is affecting my work, I can't concentrate or remember anything. It is not easy to come up with excuses on stupid mistakes. I know my bp is very high again today because my face is burning up. I have been practicing breathing etc. Although I have a dental appointment later today for a implant and I know that is not helping my nerves at all. Regardless what happens from this point forward, I think that starting back on medications was a "must".

Oh and before I forget, the dreaded time has come! Yes ladies in a few short days I will be driving my 16 year old daughter and her cousin to Dallas for a One Direction concert. All the screaming girls you can imagine and probably some screaming boys as well. Al and I had to take next Monday and Tuesday off work because the concert in on a Monday night and we live about 4 1/2 hours from Dallas. My daughter is so excited and I am happy she loves her birthday gift, but I am seriously dreading this..... One good thing. We got a beautiful hotel 3 blocks from concert so Al and I can walk girls down there and pick them back up and don't have to sit there the whole time. I will definitely post pics of her most memorable moment as a 16 year old girl :)

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