Monday, July 29, 2013

MTV (True Life)

Yesterday MTV aired the episode " I am desperate to have a baby". Months ago I was very uncertain about how this program would turn out. They were asking for woman in between the ages of 18-29. When I saw this my first initial thought was, " Who has infertility at 18 years old"? So I kinda blew off the whole thing and actually forgot about it until yesterday. I was having a nice relaxing Sunday watching old Lifetime movies and while flipping channels came across this. I thought what the heck and gave it a shot. Now I have to say I was pretty impressed with the episode. I know there has been a lot of negative feedback that they didn't mention all the medications etc. Well going through ivf, I knew exactly what meds they were using and the whole procedure. To be very honest, anyone watching this show that hasn't suffered through infertility could probably give two shits less about what medications these woman were using. If you didn't watch, they had two couples.

1st couple- Had suffered through infertility for over two years and they got pregnant on their first ivf.

Now the couple that truly impressed me and stole a piece of my heart was the 2nd couple

2nd couple- Had been trying for six years and had 5 failed ivfs under their belts. This time she was going in for their last attempt and doing a FET. Before her FET I noticed the doctor put her on heparin and she was also doing infusions to stop her body from attacking the embryos. Well two days before beta she couldn't take it anymore and tested. It was negative. I think at that moment she knew in her heart that it was over. They tried to stay positive and wait on beta, it was negative. She was absolutely devastated. I almost cried watching this. Knowing the feeling of years and years of failed cycles. They had already spent over $60,000 on treatments. Well they decided not to move forward with anymore ivfs and to instead find a surrogate to carry her last two frozen embryos. This will cost them $40,000. At the end they both said no matter what they would have their family. I loved this couple!

I did have a hard time trying to relate to the first couple. But, I do know there are many people out there that have been successful with their first ivf procedure.

All and all I was very impressed with this special and I hope it opens the door for more information on infertility in the future.

 Quick update on anxiety meds:
Effexor is not working. I have a call in to see where to go from here.

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