Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This and That

Not a whole lot going on so this may be a pretty boring post today.

My bosses finally decided we needed to move out of downtown OKC and find an office closer to where they live! I am so happy that I won't have to deal with drug addicts sleeping in front of our door or stepping over poop and/or needles/condoms etc. The space they are looking at has room for me to finally have an office again. When I came to work for this company, they had their office totally customized and it is totally weird layout.  There are only three employees where I work and we have two bosses. I was hired on to do all the land work and executive assistant to my boss, another lady is our accountant, and the other part time person is an assistant to our other boss. She only works about 20 hours a week do to all of her illnesses. Yesterday my boss told me if they went ahead and bought this building they would be putting our part time girl out in reception area and giving me an office. That is going to burn her ass. I guess when they hired me she found out I was making more money than her and through a fit. She even told me about it. I told her it wasn't my business and she needed to talk to bosses about it and not me. To be fair she was on salary at the time and gone sick at least two days a week. So I think it was a very fair call. Just as I feel this is a fair call. I am always in early every day while the other two come in late, leave early etc. I have worked my ass off for my boss and I deserve to finally get an office again.  Yesterday they both called in to work after a 4 day holiday. Of course one ended coming into work that afternoon. I am not sure where people get their work ethic anymore, I really don't.

In better news, my facebook group is having so many pregnancies lately. I have been totally blown away by the amount of ladies who are finally getting their miracles. Gosh that makes a girl feel so amazing. I guess my wish of having all the ladies in my group graduate to pregnancy is coming true. I almost feel like this group is a full time job on top of my job, but it is way more rewarding then my real job :).... One of our members had her twins last night and they were absolutely beautiful! Since she is a fellow blogger, I don't want to state her name, instead I will let her share the news. 

I am still working on my attitude and trying to deal in better ways with negative people and comments. This is always going to be a thorn in my side and I need to accept that. But, the good news is I have kept my thoughts to myself on this matter and just let it go. Baby steps...... Although I did have to delete a few blogs I followed because of the constant negativity and that was a hard decision to make. I am a true believer that your attitude closely follows those who you choose to put yourself near. So as of right now I feel I am in the absolute right place and still happy.

I did call yesterday and make an appointment with a psychiatrist that specializes in anxiety and panic disorders. I am almost on 20 years of dealing with this and it is time I put my foot down and say ENOUGH! Hoping so much that he is able to help me get control of things and live a normal life without constant attacks. 

The countdown is on for Dr. Kim, about 1 1/2 months now! 

I go in this Friday for u/s and hopefully trigger shot after with TI. I decided to go ahead with Femara 7.5 mg this cycle. Another cycle to add to the ttc resume :)

Well that was my "this and that" for the day. Hope all of you have a wonderful week!

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