Friday, May 16, 2014

Updates and 21 days (NEW UPDATE)

Yesterdays appointment had good news and not so good news. Good news is, the babies were doing fine. They were moving all around. We didn't get measurements or heartbeats, but you could see their little hearts pounding away. She did an exam and found some old blood in my cervix, but nothing new. On the u/s she found cysts on my ovaries that she seems to think is the cause of bleeding. I am inclined to disagree, but I am not a doctor. I've had no pain like in previous times when I had a cyst that ruptured. The places where you could see a liquid collection was not in my uterus and the placentas were nice and high.

Bad news:

I failed my one hour glucose test. The cut off is a level of 140 and mine was 183. I have to go in for the three hour next week. My iron has also dropped more. I think she said it is at 9.5 which according to her is way to low and they don't expect to see this in a woman who is in her first trimester. I am starting rx iron supplements twice a day. I am sure this will be great including I can go to the bathroom as is. Oh well it is what it is.

Cherry on Top:

I went a wonderful 21 days with no bleeding. That all ended last Saturday night when I had another gusher. Well last night I had four gushers. It lasted all night long and I am still bleeding today. It wasn't just a little of blood either. I went through three heavy pads throughout the night. I think it would be a understatement to say at this point I don't feel completely defeated. Guess I thought will everything we went through to get pregnant that the pregnancy would go a little easier for me. Again, there is nothing I can do to change it. Just have to roll with the punches. Have another call into the doctor about the bleeding.

Just heard back from OB and they want me back today for another u/s. My appointment is at 2:45.


  1. So many thoughts:
    1) yay for healthy hoppers!! Always good to hear!!!
    2) boo to the bleeding. That sucks lady. Based on this, I'm inclined to think they need to revisit this idea that the bleeding is coming from your ovaries. Either way, I'm so sorry that you have to continually put up with this.
    3) for iron, I was terribly constipated too. I finally pushed for IV iron. No constipation and one dose lasts for awhile. Considering all the pills you're already taking and the bleeding, it would be worth asking about. (Side note: the nurses thought I was strange because I was willing to do an IV. One bonus of IF is I'm no longer spooked by needles).
    4) finally, that's such a bummer about the glucose test. Not what any of us wanted to hear. That said, I'm glad they are being so vigilant. As much as GD sucks, remember that it's not because you did anything wrong.

    Thinking of you today.

    1. I am waiting on a call back and I will definitely push for the IV iron Cristy. Thank you so much for that information! I am also going to ask to go back to the MFM and have them look again.

  2. I'm so happy to hear your little hoppers are still hopping around and happy! I know you are so relieved about that. So sorry that you failed the glucose test and had more bleeding episodes. I can only imagine just how scary that must be. Praying they'll find a resolution for you soon or that it will resolve on its own so that you can finally have some peace of mind. HUGS

  3. Sorry you failed, but sooo glad the hoppers are alive and well! My iron was low my entire pregnancies with all my pregnancies and no matter how much iron I took, it never went up. Nothing ever happened because of it. Hopefully you can find a magic trick to get it up! Can't wait to see pics of the HOPPERS!!!

  4. Such a bummer about the Glucose test! How frustrating. As if you didn't go through enough to get here, now you have to have a rough go at the 1st tri! I'm hopeful that the bleeding is coming from another source. Your little hoppers are doing so great and beating their little hearts away! Keep us posted! I am anxious to hear what is going on. Praying lots!

  5. Ugh, that totally sucks about the bleeding, the glucose test and the iron but hoping hoping things turn out ok!

  6. Oh how frustrating with the bleeding and the glucose great that they can keep getting you in to check up on you! This would never happen at my clinic. I really hope your 3 hour one goes better! You already eat so well!! To bad pregnancy does such crazy thing to our bodies!! You're doing great!