Monday, May 12, 2014

Pregnancy Updates

Well this pregnancy has definitely been eventful and full of heart pounding moments :) Today I am 12w5d pregnant. I have a MFM appointment on Thursday for my one hour blood glucose test and blood pressure check. I found out Friday afternoon that I am anemic and that could be the cause of my fast pulse. After finding out I went to Web MD and did research on the symptoms. I was completely blown away with all the symptoms I've been having and was thinking it was something else. 

Leg charlie horses almost daily
Fast heartbeat
Craving ice all the time
insomnia (which is not totally related)
easily exhausted

I started a new prenatal vitamin today with iron and will be tested again next week. 

I also made it 21 days without bleeding! That was until Saturday morning at 4, I woke up and went to the bathroom. My undies were all bloody and I had a small gush. It was gone as quick as it started. No cramps, no back pain, but I have been spotting since Saturday (brown). So I decided to call my OB today. My next appointment was on May 21st and I wanted to get checked out before that time. They are fitting me in this Thursday at 2:45 to check on my little Hoppers. I still get nervous, but not like I was in the beginning. From everything I read the miscarriages risk does drop significantly after 12 weeks.  I do have a doppler but I am so frustrated with using it. Everything I have researched said baby hb is suppose to sound like a galloping horse. I mainly hear swishing, swooshing, sometimes it sounds like the wind is blowing, sometimes maybe galloping. The readings always range from 125-135 in most areas, then I get 150's, 160's a 170 for a second and then it drops to 125 again. I am not sure if it is because I am pregnant with twins or I am just a complete freaking moron (which is a real possibility), but this doppler leaves me more confused then anything.

I called one of those outside u/s places this morning and set up our gender u/s. It is scheduled for June 7th~ After calling I worried it was to early and that I should wait in case something happens, but I am tired of waiting for the ball to drop. If I lose these babies it will hurt just as much rather I made plans for pregnancy stuff or not. Since we aren't doing a gender reveal party, I invited my sister and MIL/FIL to come to the u/s and find out with us. They are all so excited. Who am I kidding? I am excited! I want to know what my babies are so I can start calling them by names. Al and I had names  picked out for a boy/girl over four years, but now we have names for every combination:

B/G - Lilah & Ethan
G/G/- Lilah & Olivia
B/B- Ethan & Ian

I can't wait until I can talk to them and know who these little people are inside of me. I also did the official FB announcement today. That was very hard. I thought back to the other times I announced and we lost the pregnancy. Since this is our last pregnancy, I want to share the news with friends regardless what happens. My babies deserve that. Here is what our announcement said:

"After fighting infertility for over four years straight, Al and I are expecting twins later in the Fall. I think it is very important for people to understand what we went through for to get to this point. During our four year struggle we went through 2 ivf’s, 7 iui’s, 6 miscarriages, 3 surgeries, and too many to count injections and medications. Finally last September we decided to go with an alternative treatment and see a Reproductive Immunologist in Chicago. She found that my body was attacking the embryos and I have several immune issues along with clotting factors. We started on daily blood thinner injections and steroids. I am also doing weekly plasma infusions to keep my body from attacking the babies. It all paid off after so many years of heartbreak. I hope that we are capable of giving these babies everything they need, but I know without a doubt they will be loved beyond measure. I will also NEVER forget our struggle or the others going through this daily.

Introducing our little hoppers at 12 weeks pregnant;"
It was so very important to me that people knew our struggle. So lots of stuff going on. Here is my latest bump. I don't look pregnant yet more like I ate a few spare tires. I am definitely okay with that though :)


  1. I LOVED YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT!!! It was beautiful T! You look great!

  2. Look at you! You look marvelous (and I love the dress ;) )! Love the announcement and the names too!

    After everything, I think your approach is a great one. Your absolutely right about being able to celebrate this pregnancy and the way you're doing it is both with grace and sensitivity. May there be nothing but notes of congratulations and tears of happiness for your family.

  3. I love that you announced it on Facebook. I'm still a bit too scared. You look great and I'm sooooo happy for you!

  4. I like the name you have chosen! Those sounds on Doppler are their movements. You look great and definitely more than 12 weeks:)
    The time is passing so fast and those babies will be there before you even think:).

  5. Not sure which Doppler you have, but when I got mine I watched some You Tube videos in order to figure it out. It didn't work perfectly at first, but I got the hang of it. Sounds like things are going well and you are embracing things more.

  6. You look great lady! And I love the names.. We still can't get ours locked down yet, but hopefully soon!

  7. Awww, great announcement! So glad you are embracing the pregnancy without showing as much of the worry. My husband has the same mindset, that if we lose the baby, we lose it, but for now we celebrate overcoming our struggle.

  8. Your announcement is awesome! I love when people lay it out there so others can learn or even get help!
    I love all the names you picked out. I'm guessing you have a Lilah and Olivia in there. :-)
    I'm never ever right by the wAy! Lol

  9. Um, you DO look pregnant, by the way. Next time take the pic in front of a light backdrop and then you'll really see the difference. Also buy some empire waist tops -- those REALLY make you look pregnant! I remember I wasn't getting noticed by people at work yet and it was kind of bothering me because then I just felt FAT (LOL), and then I bought some maternity tops at Target that were empire waist and then also had elastic on the bottom so it sinched below my belly -- the next day at work I got like 10 people commenting on how much I was showing! Also -- LOVE THE NAMES! My bets are on 1 boy, 1 girl. :)

  10. Love all the updates. I cannot wait to share in the excitement when you reveal the genders! Ethan and Ian is my guess and those names= perfection.

  11. You are definitely looking pregnant! I can't wait to find out the genders. I love the names you picked out. :)

  12. I love the names!!!! Love the announcement!!!! You look beautiful carrying those babes!!!! And I think I said this before......but I think you're brewing two boys!!!

  13. Love your names so much!! Do you have any inclining about what your little hoppers might be?? I'm thinking b/g! Your announcement is perfect and you look fabulous and definately pregnant!!