Tuesday, May 6, 2014

11w5d Appointment Update (NEW UPDATE)

It turns out that the u/s machine at the RE office is only good to a certain point. I am sure they aren't used to having many patients there at almost 12 weeks getting vaginal u/s. Good news though, we were able to get the babies.. They were moving around so much he couldn't get accurate measurements though. His estimation for each was:

Hopper "A" 12w0d, hb of 178
Hopper "B" 12w3d, hb of 175

Is it weird that I was looking at the screen while these two babies were moving around and thinking to myself, " are these really my babies"? I still feel a disconnect that this is really happening to me. Although Al and I never planned for twins, we love them so much already. I know that I will do whatever it takes to give them the best life and let them feel so loved and wanted. I will also share with them how hard we tried and our struggles to get them here. I could never be ashamed of what we went through and I will never hide what we went through to anyone.

Okay back to appointment. I told Dr. H that I might not be able to get in for the NT scan because they were currently overbooked already. He told me that he was going to send an email to the Director at MFM and get me in for the scan. At the end my doctor truly came through for me. Although we had to get additional treatment in Chicago, he supported us and has helped me so much within the past 12 weeks. I am so grateful.

Here is a "bad" picture of the hoppers. Dr. H said they are getting to big to pick up with the vaginal wand.

Side note:

I just want those of you following me that are still working through losses and trying to get pregnant to know that I do think of you all the time. I hope my story gives you some hope and faith that you will succeed. I know some days it doesn't seem like it. It happened for us at the very end of our journey when we had decided to quit treatments and move on. I know it sounds like a total cliche, but it is true.


Just received a phone call from MFM office. I go in today at 1:00 for my NT scan!


  1. So happy to hear that all is well with the Hoppers!!

  2. It thrills me to know things are going so well for you and the hoppers. :) Good luck today with the NT scan!!

  3. I am so happy for you! The hoppers look fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your story, it does give me hope. As I am one of those in the midst of a loss and battling the what if's and fear that it just might not ever happen, I love reading your blog because you have been where I have been and fought hard for it all. I know that I could come to you for support or questions and you would know what it's like to be where I am. THANK YOU for sharing!! I can't wait for updates on the NT scan!

  4. Loving your RE! Thinking of you today and hoping that the NT scan reveals excellent nuchal translucency!

  5. Those sweet babies are looking good!!! Can't wait for MORE pics later!!
    I haven't posted on your life story posts, but I wanted to say I have really enjoyed them.

  6. I love that the Hoppers are now too big to be picked up with the vaginal wand! What an accomplishment. So very excited for you to get the NT scan. I'm looking forward to pics!

  7. Yea!! They look lovely! So happy for you that your doc is so great to you!