Saturday, May 17, 2014

OB & MFM Appointment

Yesterday when I got to the OB office I was feeling pretty under the weather. My blood pressure was 145/80 and pulse was 148 or 145, not sure. They took a urine sample and my urine was loaded with glucose. U/s showed babies doing fine (as always). They were kicking and moving all over. I had appointment with the NP, but my doctor came in to talk with me. He was a little concerned about my blood sugar levels and they are referring me over to the diabetes center also. He believes once we get all my levels where they need to be that I will notice a huge difference and feel better. I feel guilty for even complaining about feeling bad because I am pregnant and this is what I wanted for so long and worked so hard for. He explained to me that my babies are parasites and will suck everything out of my body they need LOL sorry but that seriously made me laugh so hard! After my visit with him, he sent me over to the MFM clinic to have a better u/s and see if they could find the source of bleeding. I am not seeing OB and MFM more often then originally planned. I think every two weeks. Al and I went over and had our u/s. Hopper "A" was going crazy and doing flips and then all of a sudden the baby totally put her legs up in the air. I laughed so hard! Al seems to think that Hopper "A" is a boy, but I think she is a girl. We will see in two weeks.

Is this seriously not the cutest??

Back to u/s. They did find another clot on the bottom of my uterus, but it is small and he feels it will resolve soon. I am still bleeding tonight. It has been off and on since Thursday night. I do feel much better now. I have also decided that I am going to take everything happening with stride. All I have done for the past few weeks is complain on how shitty I feel (which I do), but there is a much bigger picture here. My babies and their health. I am starting on a diabetic diet, also pushing more iron and proteins. The doctors are still waiting for the report on my Holter monitor and want to do a u/s of my heart if the shortness of breath gets any worse. They have also mentioned that it could be a side effect from my IVIG treatments. I guess it causes heart heart arrhythmia which I didn't know. The MFM doctor wants me to talk with Dr. Kim about the benefits verses risks at this point of pregnancy in continuing the infusions. He said they will fully support whatever she wants to do. Also at this point I have been taken completely off the Lovenox. So from here on out is lots of monitoring and my job is to keep these babies growing, healthy and happy.


  1. Oh sweetie. I am so sorry you are feeling so shitty. Complaining about feeling bad doesn't mean you aren't grateful. It's gotta be frustrating to finally be in this spot and have it still be hard. I'm really sorry but THRILLED that those babies are both doing so wonderful!! I hope Mama is doing just as good soon!

  2. I hope she says you can stop the treatments, hopefully that will help you feel better! I think Hopper A is a girl too!

  3. Make sure about lovenox. It helps blood flow to the uterus whether you have clotting issues or not.

  4. Hope you start feeling better soon! Glad the babies are doing well!