Thursday, May 15, 2014

13W1D & Appointments

My first appointment for the day went very well. I had my glucose test and blood pressure monitoring this morning at MFM. I am happy to report my blood pressure medications are working. It was 130/68, but my pulse is still a little high around 130bpm. I went after that and did the one hour glucose test. Man that stuff tastes so much better than it did 17 years ago! It wasn't the orange flat sunkist in a bottle. I think I only had to drink about 6 ounces of clear sweet liquid. I will have the results next week. The MFM doctor said if it is positive now that I will most likely have GD because of my family history. Fingers crossed I pass it :)

My second appointment is at 2:45 today for my u/s to check on the hoppers. I am still spotting since my small bleed last Saturday. I did find one heart beat on the doppler last night. It came in at 174 bpm. I haven't even attempted to find the second heart beat yet as finding one has been a task.

I heard from Dr. Kim's office yesterday so we could go over all my medications. She still wants me on the progesterone even though my levels were 86.9 or something like that a week ago. I have decided not to take the progesterone any further. All my doctors have told me that the placenta has already taken over and is producing progesterone. With all the other medications I am on, it is nice to be done with the needles from PIO. 

I am still on the following:

Lovenox 40mg every other day, if everything is fine with u/s today I will go back to 40mg daily.
Prednisone 10mg daily
Metanx once daily
Baby Aspirin 81mg daily
Labetalol 200mg daily
Metformin 500mg twice daily
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
IVIG once a week at 15grams

I think I deserve a " experienced pill popper metal" I was laughing so hard last night telling my husband that I am only 38 years old and standing in the kitchen swallowing my blood pressure meds with my daily Miralax cocktail. LOL


  1. I felt the same way. I felt a witches cauldron. But in the end of the day I knew that all the pills and needles were keeping me pregnant, and making sure the baby was getting all he needed. It sucks, but eventually you will slowly ween off some of them. Sorry you are still spotting, I know that's no easy task. But you are doing so well and so are those babies!!!

  2. I can completely relate. I still marvel at the amount of medication I was on to sustain my pregnancy and I wasn't on nearly the amount of drugs that you are on. Indeed, you certainly deserve a medal.

    Glad the blood pressure meds are working. Will be keeping all digits crossed for good news on the glucose test. Hoping the second appointment shows lots of growth and more good news!