Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stims Day 9 & Happy Birthday!

Just got back from the doctor. My lining is at a 9, still waiting on E2 levels and it looks like my transfer will be either Wednesday or Thursday. The doctor said this time I am stimulating very slow and have a lot less follicles (which she believes is a good thing). Another doctors appointment tomorrow morning. As it looks today, I have a cluster of about 10 follicles and the remaining 8 or 9 are in the wings behind the rest. 

I did discuss my concerns about my blood pressure shooting up after my surgery in July. I was really nervous coming out of anesthesia and them having to give me medications for the blood pressure. I am scared it will happen this time also. If I never have to go under again, will be to soon. I do think that during retrieval you don't go as far under as you do with surgery, or that's what I keep telling myself.

I forgot to mention but today is my 37th birthday :) My husband is out of town until this evening, so I am celebrating by sitting home and crocheting. 

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