Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday my daughter had a dentist appointment to have a cavity filled. Well it turns out she needed a root canal. As I sat there in the chair looking at her goofy on the gas I was about to throw up. $919 out of pocket with insurance. I started thinking that our dental insurance isn't that great. When did things start costing so much freaking money? The dentist had a talk with her and said if she doesn't start maintaining her teeth better that she will lose them by the age of 35. I think this is something I passed onto her and I'm not proud. I am scared shitless of the dentist. Yes I do brush and floss and use mouthwash, but I don't go to the dentist like I am suppose to. I am actually 4 months overdue for my cleaning because I am a huge wuss. Guess I better step up and be a better role model. We are going back Wednesday for the second part of root canal and temp crown. Then back in a few weeks for permanent one. I had them stress the importance of brushing and flossing to her so fingers crossed she listened. Guess what? One of my teeth started hurting on Saturday evening and now I think I have a cavity. Trying to figure out if I should go in this week and have it fixed or wait until after our ivf.

Sunday we took Cierra school clothes shopping and then came home so I could paint our front door. I love the doors on HGTV, the reds and copper etc. So I decided to paint our front door copper. Here is what it looks like so far. I only finished one coat yesterday.
And finally in ivf news, I went in for bloodwork this morning. I started my stims Saturday night. I never know how to count the days. It seems like today's bloodwork would be Stims day 2 since I don't take my injections until the evening. Waiting on my E2 levels to come back later today and make adjustments to medications.

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