Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baseline Appointment

I had my baseline appointment this morning and I have some mixed emotions. I won't have my bloodwork results back on estrogen until this afternoon though. My lining was nice and thin at 4 and here is the kicker:

IVF #2 (Todays baseline)
Right ovary- 8 follicles
Left ovary 10 follicles


IVF #1
Right ovary- 14 follicles
Left ovary- 15 follicles

I had significantly less this go around. My biggest thing leading up to this round was quality over quanity and still is. Guess I just thought I would have about the same amount this time and just stim slower so they have a chance to grow slowly and beautifully. I am happy with the results though. I will update later on my E2 levels and if we have a go for stims Saturday.

3:00p.m. Update
Estrogen is nice and low. Start stims on Saturday. Thankfully he lowered my dose of Follistim this time to 150! Nice and slow is what we need to keep our fingers crossed for.

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