Monday, August 27, 2012


I just realized I didn't let you guys know how my transfer went. If you remember last time, it took an hour in half and the doctor had to go in twice. A lot of pain and A lot of un-needed trauma on my uterus. I am happy to announce that this transfer only took about 45 minutes. It was still a hard transfer, but not as traumatic. Of course my bladder was to full and I knew that going in. The doctor felt it was just right until he tried to get the speculum in and it kept coming out. After about 20 minutes of trying he asked me to go empty my bladder about half way. I came back and got on the table and after about another 20 minutes of trying, the catheter finally went through. I would say that my surgery last month was a success for the most part. He felt much more confident this go around that the placement was better and there was far less trauma. 

So today is 2DP3DT and I am trying to think positive. Listening to my meditation cd's, laughing, and hopeful. I keep saying to my little embryos that please let one stay with us. 

My husband was not comfortable with transferring (3). Although after Dr. H said he had NO problem, it was a done deal. We decided the night before that we would do whatever the doctor thought was in our best interest. My husband also told me that we would be okay if this ivf didn't work. He said that we would be okay to live our life without a children together and that he loved me regardless what. I think that took some pressure off me. This has been a long road. We talked and talked. After some thought, I think we might be able to save up money for one more ivf next year if needed. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but as all of you know, I am a huge control freak. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there. My husband really wants to go back to iui's. He said we had more luck with those then ivf. At least we had two chemical pregnancies. I have also considered donor eggs if we go through this again. I don't have a lot of information on it, but I am hoping the cost would be around the same as a fresh ivf cycle.  My eggs are shit, pure and simple.  I was almost shocked this go around. We stimmed slower, I was on vitamins to help with quality, did acupuncture again and the doctor said the eggs this time were a little bit behind the ones last time at day 3. I will be getting the call today that the other (3) were crap and didn't make it to freeze. I really hate that phone call. But, at least this time I was already prepared so it won't be such a huge shock.

Finally, here is a pic of my retrieval and transfer socks I got from Trisha :)

Of course no symptoms this early but I will keep you updated.

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