Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is completely non infertility related but I need some advice. I started working at my current job about 2 1/2 years ago. Before I moved here to marry my husband, Cierra and I lived in a small town and I worked for a oil company in a pretty small city, actually the outskirts. So we move here and I start working for a oil company smack dab in the middle of Oklahoma City downtown area. It was a complete culture shock and I still think I am trying to figure the bigger city out. Okay here is my problem. We are located right next to the local bus station and just on the outskirts of tourist area where city and tax payers have spent millons of dollars trying to pretend this is a family friendly and safe place. Here are the things I have dealt with in the last two in half years at my job. Remember I am the first one here in the mornings.

  • Countless piles of feces on our sidewalks
  • Needles from drug use
  • Used condoms
  • Had a group of guys smoking pot right in front of my door while trying to enter by myself in morning
  • Had my truck kicked and punched by group of people while trying to park
  • Had countless homeless people sleeping in back alley where I used to park
  • Had people sleeping on our sidewalk while trying to enter my work
  • Of course trash everywhere
Okay I admit I am from a small town and not used to this. Am I over-reacting when I want my bosses to do something about this? I don't ever feel safe coming to work in the mornings. We leave our door locked until our bosses are here. Is this a city thing? I mean should I expect this working downtown? I took a picture of the guy sleeping this morning to start collecting evidence to show my bosses. After the people hitting my vehicle, my boss told us to start parking up front in the parking lot. There are so many shady characters around this area, ugh.

Here is the pic I took this morning. Would this freak you out?

And yes I know some people think "Oh poor homeless people" and I thought that until I started working here. Most of these people are homeless because of drug addiction and they are very un-predictable.

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