Monday, April 14, 2014


Today is 8W5D. I have my next ultrasound on Wednesday and I will be 9 weeks pregnant. My furthest pregnancy since my daughter was born almost 17 years ago. For the most part I am still not feeling pregnant. 

Nausea (started this morning)
Round ligament pain
Full feeling all the time
Hunger has definitely decreased and not much sounds good (besides bacon cheeseburgers).
Still have insomnia ( usually sleep about 3 hours a night).
Shortness of breath has been bad since about 5 weeks
Heart palpitations started recently. 
Pure laziness
Bleeding is still around. I haven't spotted in two days though. ( Dr. Kim started me on 2 cc of progesterone in oil shots daily).

Feeling pretty confident that babies are still with me today. Hoping to get a doppler if this appointment goes well on Wednesday. 

We did cancel our Colorado trip that was planned for next month. With having a SCH and the bleeding, I didn't feel comfortable traveling out of state. 

Fingers crossed we have two healthy growing babies on Wednesday!


  1. I'm exactly the same as you! 8w 5d today! Yay for us making it this far! Hope you get to see your babies doing well on wednesday!

  2. I'm feeling super confident for you too, Toni! Can't wait til Wednesday!!

  3. You will see them. They have strong heartbeats and survived the previous bleeding. They are the fighters:)

  4. I'm gonna be sending you all kinds of awesome vibes on Wednesday. Good luck!

  5. Ummm major have major symptoms. No one really feels pregnant until they move. And just wait til your symptoms fade at like 15 weeks.....whoa clue panic once again. Good luck on Wednesday....I have such a great feeling your babies will thumping away!!

  6. Prayers for everything... I'm ready for Wednesday!!

  7. Wednesdays ultrasound will be great!!