Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Perfect Timing

Well iui #7 went perfect. This is the second iui that I haven't experienced pain while they tried to get the catheter in. I honestly believe that the last LAP Dr. H did made the canal to be more accessible . While she put the "duckbill" in she could see some blood in my cervix. I thought I was ovulating this morning, but the nurse confirmed it. So today was a perfect timed iui. We ended up with 3 mature follicles and hubby had 27 million with 93% motility. I go in next Friday for my 7DPO progesterone check and get blood work done for post infusion.

I did hear back from Dr. Kim's office yesterday. My levels aren't improving. My first infusion was 25 grams and my body as you know couldn't handle it so they dropped it to 5 grams last infusion. This infusion they will start bringing it back up at 10 grams. I did a spreadsheet on how my NK cells, TH1/Th2 & INF levels are looking:

Blood work Results

Original blood work 9/2013

NK assay 50:1-   18.5       (should be 15 or less)
Th1/Th2- (TNF)  43.8        (should be 30.6 or less)
INF-                      21.6       (should be  20.5 or less)

1st IVIG treatment 25 grams 1/6/2014

NK assay 50:1-   14.2       (should be 15 or less)
Th1/Th2- (TNF)  38.8        (should be 30.6 or less)
INF-                      15.6       (should be  20.5 or less)

2nd IVIG treatment 5 grams 2/7/2014

NK assay 50:1-   25.3       (should be 15 or less)
Th1/Th2- (TNF)  36.7        (should be 30.6 or less)
INF-                      24.5       (should be  20.5 or less)

3rd IVIG treatment 10 grams 2/28/2014

NK assay 50:1-   0             (should be 15 or less)
Th1/Th2- (TNF)  0             (should be 30.6 or less)
INF-                      0            (should be  20.5 or less)

Looks like my second infusion was a total bust. I am hoping this one makes a difference. 

I also looked through my blog to see what we were doing for all my pregnancy cycles and this is what I came up with:

 It seems out of 6 iui's we got pregnant three times.
Out of 2 ivfs we got pregnant once. 
Out of MANY TI cycles we got pregnant once. 

 So Al and I decided we will get in as many IUI cycles as possible before we move on this summer. I think we are even going forward with them if we only have one or two follicles. Iui's seem to be more successful for us. 



  1. Great news about your IUI....and I totally agree with your decision to keep doing them! Hoping this infusion goes much better. Let's hope 10 grams is the perfect cocktail.

  2. Praying for you girl!!!

  3. those numbers are looking good this month. fingers crossed.

  4. Keeping everything crossed for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So great to hear your IUI was perfectly timed! Your plan also sounds perfect! Good luck and wishing you all the best!

  6. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way, T. Lots and lots!

  7. I had been wondering how you have been doing and wondered why you hadn't been writing- but I found you and your new blog!! So happy to hear that your IUI went well. Wishing you the best of luck!!