Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cd11/IVIG Update

Well yesterday went off without a hitch. I had my cd 11 u/s and I ended up with  (1) 18mm, (1) 16mm (1) 15mm, (1) 13mm and my lining is 9.9 mm thick.My E2 was 736. I trigger tonight at 11 and IUI is scheduled for 11 on Monday. My doctor seems to think the 13 will be large enough by then, so we are working with four this month. I also had my second IVIG done yesterday and the dosage was cut from 25 grams over 3 hours to 5 grams over 2 1/2 hours. This time they also added 500ml of a saline solution to help it dilute even more. It worked! I had a mild headache last night, but I feel pretty great today. Hopefully after a few more infusions at this rate, we can start moving the dosage back up to the 25 grams again.

So how do I feel about this cycle? You all know me well enough to know I never put all my eggs in one basket :) I feel that everything looks good and it could potentially be a successful cycle, but within the past four years things have looked good many many times. I am more excited right now about our upcoming anniversary and also our Colorado Trip. I have added all the finishing details to it and even made a excel spreadsheet itinerary.

We added a train ride through the Royal Gorge area and it seems to be a pretty cool ride. I reserved the Vista Dome which is all glass so you get views from every angle, while enjoying a nice lunch. I know that the Royal Gorge Bridge was damaged by the wild fires last year so we won't be able to tour that. Of course with me being afraid of heights, that might not be such a bad thing.

We are also bracing for a winter storm here in Oklahoma. Unlike most of you, we have been super lucky  and not received all of the snow and ice within the past few weeks. So far our weather is staying we will have three major winter storms this week. I don't get to worked up about it, but I also know that my co-workers have already planned for this and it is VERY possible I will be the only one at work this week. Of course that means a netflix week at work.

One last important thing I wanted to mention, two friends of mine that I met through blogging got a BFP within the past two days. One of them hasn't shared it, but you know who you are. I am so beyond happy for the both of you and wishing you a great nine months and then 18+ years!


  1. Here's to hoping you get the next BFP:)

  2. I am staying SUPER positive for you!!!

  3. You are so organized! My husband totally plans everything on spreadsheets, so whatever works. Good luck today!

  4. The numbers looked great going into this cycle at least! Our winter storm came here the last few days. I don't recall ever having this much snow! They've actually required chains or traction tires if you are driving. That's never happened in all my life!