Friday, February 21, 2014

Inspirational Infertility Friday

I don't know about you, but I really needed to see this today.

TTC  News:

Not a good update. I have one follicle that is measuring 17.5. They want us to do an iui on Monday if my E2 levels show this is a growing follicle and not one left over from last month (which I think it is). I also have two others 12mm, 11mm. The doctor asked Al and I if we would participate in a study they are doing. It is about bacteria in sperm and uterus. To participate we would have to do the iui on Monday and I can't really justify spending $300 on a procedure for one follicle. I told her we would participate, but I might call them back and then them we can't.


  1. Why is an IUI not worth it for one follicle? Don't count yourself out just because you haven't been successful with one, two or even three follies in the past. They just might not have been the super follie you've been waiting for. GL with your decision. I think anything for free from a study is worth doing, esp. if it's something you haven't looked at previously. GL girlie!

  2. If they are wanting to use you for their study, I would think you wouldn't have to pay for the IUI. Or at least get a discount? I know this has already come and gone. I'm just stillllllll working at catching up on all my reading!