Monday, February 17, 2014

1,000 RE appointment

I have no idea if today was my 1,000th RE appointment or not, but there was something new about this appointment.

Today I told Dr. H that Al and I are stopping treatments after I run out of the medications I have. Of course he told me that he completely understands after all we have been through and that he still has a few months left to try. Okay doctor if that makes you feel better, but please don't say it for my benefit.

Phew. Telling him felt good. It is making all of this real for me and that is exactly what I needed. 

Okay for today's news. I had three left over cysts from this past cycle. The biggest was 26x27. I will know later today if my E2 levels are low enough to proceed. If not then we take a break on this cycle. Which at this point doesn't bother me.

So yesterday we took both our dogs to the "dog wash". Since it is winter here, I am tired of trying to wash them in my bathtub. As much as I love my pups, I hate having to share a tub with them. So we found a place that is a self service dog wash and decided to try it out. At first the boys were so excited at the fact they were going on a road trip. We pulled up and opened the back, they both ran to the front and would not get out. After some persuading we were able to get them out of the car. Izzy was shaking horribly, he was so scared. I almost felt bad for them, but that was overtaken by the feeling that they needed a nice bath.

Here are a few pictures:

Btw they are both feeling very handsome now :)

Before I leave this post today I would love some advice. I started walking/running and would love some suggestions on good shoes and something to hold my phone when I am exercising.


  1. I love Nike Frees for running. They're super lightweight, which is what I always look for. But I'm not a distance runner AT ALL, so if you're planning on doing distance, you may want something different.

    As for the phone, I do this the cheap way. I think there is a special arm band that holds a phone/ipod. I generally stuff mine in the front of my bra or just use an elastic sweat arm band around my bicep and tuck it in there. But a sporting goods store probably has more options.

    I'm glad you've found peace with your decision to stop treatments. I know this is a hard choice, but it sounds like you're ready to move on. Wishing you the best!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely NOT be doing distance running unless I am being chased by a hungry bear and being covered in peanut butter.

  2. Your dogs look so fluffy and clean!! I have two very stinky dogs in need of a bath, but like you, don't love using the tub. I'll have to see if we've got a dog wash around here.

    Regarding the shoes, where I live there is a specialty running store with a very knowledgeable staff. Because everyone's feet are different, they look at the wear pattern on your old shoes and bring out some different options they think will provide the most support. They have you try on the different shoes and actually run up and down the street before selecting the pair you want. Even if you are planning on walking/jogging/running just a little, I'd encourage you to find a store like this one. The prices are a bit higher, but totally worth it in my typically frugal opinion. They tend to carry a lot of options that other stores won't have.

    I don't normally carry much with me when I run, but I did see a really cool gear belt with all kinds of pockets and elastic once and wish I would have bought it. I bet a specialty store would have something like that too.

    (P.S. Your new hair cut is very cute!)

    1. This place even had leave in doggie conditioner. It was so nice to leave the mess behind.

      Thanks for information on shoes!

  3. Your dogs are gorgeous! I have no advice on shoes...I always pick out the prettiest ones but they tend to hurt my feet. So I guess my advice is buy the ugly ones ;)

  4. It sounds like you are in a good head space with things and I think that's very important.

    I've never heard of this for dogs but very cool.

  5. I'm a big fan of going to a running store/ or like and REI and having them for the shoe to you, I may tell you that I love my asics but they may not fit you and what you need, I live to run but I am a doggie owner too and waking is what I do! I suggest going there and asking to be fit for sneakers, tell them you are more of a jogger/walker low mileage, and want something light weight and fits great for your feet.... Can you tell I was an clothing buyer for an outdoor sporting goods company for years? Also make sure the sales associate knows how to do that, a good associate will ask you lots of questions about instep, look at how you walk ( pronating Vers supinating) different shoes will better fit those needs for a more comfort.

  6. I totally agree with the others about going to a running store. They will evaluate your foot stride and shape to find the right shoe for you. You don't need to be a serious runner/walker for this service, but it is extremely valuable and will give you the BEST shoe for YOU!

    I wouldn't want to share my tub with dogs either. I think that sounds like an awesome place, like a do it yourself carwash, but for dogs!