Saturday, January 4, 2014

Toni Rapp quilts are back!

As most of you remember, I took a break from my baby quilts a few months back. I was having a problem staying motivated and feeling stressed out that I couldn't sew fast enough to make special quilts for all the ladies who were pregnant after suffering through devastating infertility issues. I had packed up my sewing machine and all my fabric and had decided I was done. The last few weeks I was thinking more and more about my quilts and started to miss it. I realized I was quilting to keep up with everyone and make sure all the woman who were pregnant would receive one. Not because all of them don't deserve one, they do, but it is not feasible to think that can happen. Over the past weekend I got my machine and all my stuff out again and am ready to start quilting. I still have so much to learn and hopefully I will move past making 9 square basic quilts one day. For now I am happy with how they look and I know that each one will be made with love. 

Here is where I left off..........................

I had this topper done for a few months. I am going to finish it first.

 I was messing around with some of the fabric I have now and came up with this combination for a little boy quilt.
 Hoping I can use up the extra fabric I have laying around. They might not all match or color coordinate, but they will definitely be unique.
 It feels great to be back in the saddle for this. I loved  having a hobby that I enjoy and at the same time doing something nice for another person.

In TTC news:

Monday at 11:00 is my infusion. Friday night I spoke with the pharmacist that will be making the medication. He went over all the risks ( and there are some serious risks involved with this infusion). He scared the shit out of me and I went to bed last night thinking of excuses I could call with Monday morning and get out of this infusion. Then I woke up this morning and decided no matter how scared I am, I have no choice but to go forward. Al and I have come way to far to give up now. I am trying not to think about the actually infusion and enjoy my weekend. He did say I have to be very hydrated when I come in Monday. So I will start tomorrow morning. I am also going to start my steroids tomorrow morning. I was told that side effects are lessened if you are on steroids at the time of infusion. I will let you all know how it goes.


  1. Good luck on Monday! glad you're back at your quilting.

  2. Having hobbies are important to my sanity! I think it's great you are back to quilting. You could set up an etsy shop!

    Good luck on Monday I know you will do great :)

  3. Good luck on Monday, I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best!

  4. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly. I'm also so happy to see you back at quilting! I know you love it and I love seeing your creations.

  5. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I know it's scary, but I also have faith you will sail through this.

    Glad to see you're quilting again! Very serious about you putting out a call for donations to this endeavor (be they monetary or material) because it's simply that cool.

  6. So happy to hear that you are quilting again! You make beautiful quilts that I know mean a lot to those who have received them.