Monday, July 21, 2014

ICLW Welcome

I haven't participated in ICLW for a few months, so I thought I would get back in the saddle. Here is a brief summary of me:

My husband and I were married on April 24, 2010.We both wanted to start a family with each other. I already had a daughter from a previous marriage many years ago, she is now 17 ( in fact her birthday is today). I figured we would be pregnant in no time at all and boy was I wrong. We started off with an OB and did the familiar treatment with Clomid and timed intercourse for six months with no luck. Since we were already pushing 35, we were referred over to an RE. We ended up being with him for four years! We tried Clomid, Femara, Follistim, Menopur and all the other fertility drugs with timed intercourse. We tried six IUI's, we tried two IVF's and we had six losses in the process. Most of the losses were chemical pregnancies and one loss after heartbeat. I was told over and over that my eggs must be bad and we should go to CCRM for an ivf cycle with PGD. After spending 30+ thousand already, that wasn't an option for us. At the end of my rope and tired of doing the same treatment over and over, I did some research on recurrent pregnancy loss and found Dr. Kwak Kim in Chicago. She was our saving grace. We saved up money to fly to Chicago and had our initial visit with her in September 2013. Although I had karotyping and RPL ran on me with everything always coming back normal, her more thorough blood test found issues. I was found to have APS ( Antiphospholipid Syndrome) along with MTHFR mutation, and several other immune factors. This helped explain all the losses I had suffered. She put me on a new protocol of Lovenox injections daily along with Prednisone daily, a prescription medication for my MTHFR and several vitamins. I also have weekly IVIG infusions.  It wasn't easy flying back to Oklahoma and having my other doctors go along with her protocol. For the most part, reproductive immunology is VERY controversial at best. I will never dispute or argue on this point, all I know is after six months of this treatment I was pregnant with twins and had the best beta's ever and I am now almost 23 weeks pregnant. Something worked and I believe in my heart it was the new protocol by Dr. Kim. It wasn't that I had bad "eggs", it was that my body was fighting the embryos and treating them like a foreign body.  

I won't lie, deciding to see Dr. Kim wasn't an easy choice by any means and neither has the treatment for the past 23 weeks, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am going to be a mom of twin girls within the next few weeks. Btw, we got pregnant on our 7th IUI with two mature eggs and ended up with triplets at first, but lost the third baby very early into the pregnancy.


  1. I haven't done ICLW in so long. I miss it, but really just don't have time to commit to doing it! The babies are taking a nice long morning nap today though, so I have time to do some reading! T, your story is amazing. I am still in awe of the fact that you are 23 weeks pregnant! I also forgot that tidbit about there being triplets at first. Can you imagine????

    1. No Amber I couldn't imagine having three babies in here :)

  2. here from ICLW (I only manage it once a year) :-) You have been on a very eventful journey. I am so happy to read that you now have two daughters on the way to make you smile!

  3. Hello from ICLW! What a great story - I love hearing the "unconventional" things that IFers sometimes do to build their families. I haven't heard anything about reproductive immunology but you've inspired me to go learn about it!

  4. Happy ICLW! I haven't done this in a while either. Hope you meet lots of new blogger friends.

  5. Am I totally lame for not knowing what iclw is?
    I am so happy for you and I think this post can be so helpful to others! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Stopping by from ICLW for the first time. Loved reading a bit about your story. It gives me hope for my own!

  7. Hi from ICLW! So glad that this new protocol was effective - we're just about the same number of weeks and both with girl(s)! I read in another blog a while ago about how if the team isn't winning and you can't change out all the players, you get a new coach. I definitely changed coaches (twice, for different reasons) and it was a good move both times.