Friday, September 6, 2013

Making my body baby friendly & Funny Infertility Friday

I am sure most of you know how I feel about exercising and eating healthy. I come from a family full of morbidly obese people. Not sure how it happened but I was lucky enough to stay a consistent 115 lbs until the birth of my daughter. After that I only gained about 20 pounds and stayed at that weight for years. Four years ago when I quit smoking I put on another 10 pounds and was still under 150 for being 5'7 so I was okay with that number. Then we started fertility treatments and from there depression and now I am the biggest I have ever been. As of today I weigh right at 179 lbs and have a BMI of 28 which is Overweight = 25–29. After talking to Dr. K and discussing how PCOS and thyroid truly effects fertility, I have decided to get off my lazy ass and do something about this. I have let my body go down hill for years now and kept telling myself that I would get into shape after a baby. Well I don't have a crystal ball and have no idea when the baby part is coming, but I do know I can't keep gaining weight like I am. I feel horrible, not only physically, but I can't stand looking at my body in the mirror. I am beyond grossed out on what I see. Now going back to the fact that I come from an obese family, I know what fad diets and and exercise do. I don't want to jump into this fast and furious and then end up being burned out in no time. I have decided to start slow and steady. Yesterday was my first day of changes. I am cutting out as many carbs as possible. Mainly no bread, pop, rice, or chips. I am eating more raw veggies ( I actually love veggies). I also started walking last night. After dinner I went for a mile walk. It took my over 20 minutes, but I did it. The girl who always said she wouldn't run, walk etc. unless a bear was chasing me. Well there was no bear, only me taking pride and walking my mile. Now will I walk a mile daily? Right now my goal is to walk a mile 3 days a week. If I do more that is great, but my baseline is 3 days a week. I also decided to start body by vi shakes and will do those at least once a day for breakfast. I don't want to jump in to fast on that one either. If I feel okay then I will start having a shake for lunch also. It is just a matter of finding what works for me and trying to push myself and stay focused on the main goal. 

My goal is a baby friendly body....... So hopefully with diet, exercise, meds, and Dr. Kim's help I can go on to get pregnant within the next year.  I think that is definitely a reachable goal. So wish me luck everyone because this lady is going into the unknown!

Almost forgot Funny Infertility Friday!

 I know I have stood on my head more than once, LOL!

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