Monday, June 2, 2014

Today marks 15w5d that I have successfully carried my two little hoppers. I am still freaked out when I think of having/raising twins. Although I am working on it daily, acceptance. I love them both so much already and yet some days it doesn't even seem real that I am pregnant with one let alone two babies. I think the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane is using my doppler daily and having that reassurance they are still with me. I go in to the MFM clinic tomorrow so they can check on the active blood clot and hopefully tell me all the bleeding I am having is the clot dissolving. 

I made a big step this weekend. While browsing at the consignment shop I found a double stroller with two car seats ( only slightly used) and four bases. I wouldn't usually buy used car seats, but the cost of only $75 for all of it, I couldn't pass it up. Since I will be driving babies 98% of time, I will get the new car seats and use these in Al's truck. We were going to buy two seats and four bases originally, but like I said, this was a great deal. They also have the side impact on them. Then I bought about 20 onesies. I was so nervous after this purchase. All I kept thinking is what if I lose the babies still? Maybe I should wait another few months to make these purchases. Of course my husband reminded me that so far everything has gone pretty smooth. I also looked online and the chance of miscarriage at 16 weeks is 0.6%. So after our gender u/s this weekend I am going to see if my MIL will make some curtains and bed skirts for the cribs. I am not going with a theme or doing much decorating. We will be looking for a new house in about a year so there is no sense of doing to much now. We are leaving the walls the same neutral color and I will put in wood blinds so the room can stay dark for sleeping etc. I also priced the nursery furniture and believe I can get it all for under $500. That includes the (2) mini cribs, (2) mattresses and (1) dresser. My hope is to put babies in cribs starting from day one. I am also wanting a pretty expensive monitor for their room and hoping to find it second hand somewhere. I don't plan on going overboard on buying stuff for them. Most of the things today you use for a few months and its done. I want to be realistic and also as frugal as possible. Knowing that our biggest expense is going to be daycare. I want to save money towards that. 

I did have to take my wedding ring off last week. I have also noticed that my ankles are also swelling. This is just a reminder that I am no longer a "spring chicken" and need to remember I can't do everything I did 17 years ago with my daughter. Luckily, Al does so much around the house. He does all the cooking and now does 90% of the chores. I am so spoiled and blessed to have such an attentive husband. He is going to be an amazing father! 

Here is my 15w3d bump pic: After cutting down on steroids my weight gain is So much more manageable. Of course gaining weight doesn't bother me. I think I am only up 23 lbs now. 19 lbs I gained within the first 7 weeks. 

You can't noticed by looking at the picture, but I am losing my hair bad! I have a few bald spots.


  1. You are doing a great job!! And the car seat/stroller find is awesome!

  2. Those first few purchases are certainly nerve-wreaking. But I'm so glad you aren't waiting until the last minute (like your's truly did) and are moving forward. Trust me, much less stressful in the end.

    And you look fantastic!

  3. Soooo excited for you! Love the pic.

  4. That car seat stroller find was a steal!!! Wow!!!
    Hopefully they will tell you the genders today! My doc told me around 16 weeks. I'm guessing both girls too!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog today while doing random google searches on Dr. Kwak-Kim. We are anxiously awaiting our August appt with Dr. KK after 5 recurrent early losses. Reading your story definitely gives me hope that we will have success and finally be able to call ourselves parents. You look great and I'm looking forward to following your story! :)

  6. Just make sure the car seat expiration dates aren't passed (humor me). What a steal! Hope the stroller works out. We went through about 3 different gifted/handed down ones before we bought one I LOVE. Twin strollers, man. It's not easy finding a good one for a good price! What kind did you get?