Monday, June 16, 2014

Big Week

Well it is finally here, the week of my level II scan. I have been anxiously awaiting this day since our NT scan at 12 weeks. I am nervous, very nervous. We will find out on Wednesday if the girls are healthy and if they have any chromosomal abnormalities. When we did the scan, it was only the scan and no blood work. According to my MFM, the blood work is not accurate with twins. I do know that different doctors have different opinions on this. I also know that with the blood work coming back okay, you get a lot larger odds of no problems. With us the odds of having down syndrome was 1/182 which I was okay with because that is less than a 1% chance. The scan looked good and measurements with totally within normal limits. Of course we have a much higher chance just because of age alone. Al and I will both be 39 when the babies are born this year. I think after this scan I can totally put my mind to rest and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. I want to order the nursery furniture, but wanted to wait until we see how things are going. I keep thinking that if there were issues, you would think that they would have picked it up already since I have u/s at least twice a month. I know either way that there is nothing we can do. I think back and ask myself if it was a mistake not having the amino or the CVS done at 12 weeks. I just couldn't justify the risk of losing one or both babies at that point. We worked so hard to get them. I guess only time will tell.....

I hope my girls are healthy.

I did find out that the consignment shop I go to has 5 twin moms that she buys from and they all have girls! I have found many matching outfits! That is not something you expect to find at a consignment shop. I am stocking the girls up.

I also had a great online friend who struggled with infertility make these blankets for the girls!



  1. The 20 week scan is certainly nerve-wreaking. I remember holding my breath the whole time. I will keep you in my thoughts as you guys prepare.

    I love the blankets!! Absolutely precious and what a wonderful gift!

  2. Everything is going to be just fine! I am so excited for you to be able to finally relax and enjoy this pregnancy. You deserve it. The outfits are adorable! How great that you found the babies matching outfits. So cute!

  3. Good luck! I'm sure everything will be great. Are you planning to make quilts for your girls?

    1. No :( I retired my sewing machine about six months ago. I have to get it fixed and didn't want to deal with it anymore, so I packed it up in attic.

  4. I'm positive the girls will be healthy!

  5. Cute clothes and blankets!! Love it! Eek I'm so excited for you. I decree and declare that your girls are healthy and there will be zero complications found!