Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This & That

Well I spoke with my insurance company yesterday, along with Dr. Kims office and the Coram Center. It still looks like we are in the running to get our IVIG covered and done in Oklahoma. I already knew the insurance would cover the $3,000 cost of medication for a $30 co-pay. We are now waiting to see if they will cover the infusion center. Dr. K office faxed back the last authorization form they required yesterday. Hoping to have a answer within the next week and really hoping for some good news. If we are covered, I will be able to get my first infusion before next cycle. I will need to talk to my boss about it and let him know that I will be missing some work. Not sure if I shared this or not, but during our company Christmas party a few weeks ago, my boss just proved once more on how fantastic he is. He asked Al and I how our fertility issues were going and wanted to know if we were still going through treatments etc. He also asked how things were going after seeing the specialist and then said he wants us to get pregnant this year because we are such a giving couple. He has seen all the pain I have gone through within the past few years and he hurts for us. To top things off, he said he would help however I needed it. This includes paid time off for treatments etc. Can you say wow? I really love my job.

Today is CD7 and I totally forgot to take my Femara last night. I didn't realize until I woke up this morning. I decided to go ahead and take my dose this morning and will take my last dose tomorrow morning. Sometimes it is so hard keeping up with all these medications and the different times you need to take them throughout your cycle. It is truly a miracle I remember half of this shit :) Btw I have become a pro at the lovenox shots. I don't even get bruising anymore. Pro I tell ya!

Over the Christmas holiday, Al and I contracted some sort of cold virus. My poor husband has been sleeping in the recliner because his coughing is so bad when he is in bed. Nothing like sharing lots of snot and coughing with the one you love :)

Not sure if you guys remember me telling you that I bought our niece a glow fish tank, but didn't take pictures. Thankfully my sister sent one to me the other night. Be prepared for some cuteness! IS that not just adorable??
Well today is New Years Eve of 2013. Tomorrow will hopefully start a year of great memories, fun times, being more in love with my husband, watching my teenager in her last year of high school. Things are changing so much and so fast. To be honest it has all changed for the better though compared to what my life used to be. Sometimes I wake up and really can't believe this is my life and I am so blessed with a great job, amazing family, and means to be able to travel with my husband. What a far road I have traveled and wouldn't change a thing.

Any big plans for New Years Eve??? I am a dud and will probably be in bed sleeping by 10. I hope all of you have your dreams come true in 2014.


  1. What an awesome boss!! So glad you have someone so understanding to work for. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for the infusion to be covered.

  2. I'm sure that I will be in bed early. My 14 year old step daughter is going to a friends house so my husband and I joked about setting an alarm to pick her up at midnight. Not really a joke.. true story.

  3. If you're a dud to be in bed by 10 PM, what does that make me? I will SURELY be in bed and asleep by 8 PM. : )

  4. Your boss sounds amazing, you're very lucky. We're just having a couple of friends over for a quiet dinner tonight, but we'll probably make it to ring in the new year at least. ;)

  5. Such an amazing place you work!! How incredible to feel so supported! I wish for you amazing things this year and not to worry i was right behind you last night at 10!! 2014 should be amazing!

  6. It is so great when you have a boss who is so understanding.
    Wishing you the very best for 2014!!