Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our First Christmas

Everyone knows that I am not a big fan of Christmas. After talking to Al, I decided to start over and give this Christmas thing a real shot. So it was my first one with the new attitude and our girls. We originally were going to stay home and keep the girls away from people. They are a little over three months old and so far they have been healthy. I say so far because after we changed our minds and took them to Arkansas, we came back and I have a nasty cold. Al's grandfather is 96 years old and hasn't been able to travel and we are afraid this might be his last year, so we wanted him to meet his great grand-daughters. Al's father was nice enough to get us a hotel for a few nights. It was to crowded at their house with both Al's sisters and their families. Plus we were afraid the girls would get over stimulated ( which they did). It was nice too go back to the hotel  and get some quiet time. For the most part they did great. It was a three + hour trip each way and they slept for the most part and maybe cried about 5 or 10 minutes near the end. Also why we were there I decided to start Olivia on soy formula along with rice in her bottles. ( If anyone wants to tell me how bad this is and she is too young, please keep your comments to yourself because this is my parenting choice). Well after a day of this change we have a new baby. She is not spitting up or screaming during and after feedings. In fact she is smiling and cooing etc. I was so happy with the change in her! She was also sleeping through her 11pm feeding. 
Here are a few pictures of our Christmas: 

Al's parents
 Al's gramdfather
 Al's sister and husband

 Al's sister


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the stripped leggings and tutus! And I'll bet Olivia's coo-ing is the sweetest thing.

  2. Such a beautiful Christmas. Follow your gut on feeding. I recently handled a case with a premie who after a swallow study was placed on a similar formula mixture by the doctors in order to thicken it to a safe consistency for the baby.

  3. I remember an article years ago titled "I hate my son" where the author talked about feeding issues. It wasn't until they switched him to soy-based formula that the constant screaming stopped and they had a completely different infant. I second Lara about following your gut with feeding.

    Glad you had a wonderful first Christmas with the girls. The photos brought a smile to my face.

  4. Al's grandfather looks fantastic for 96 years old! What a great thing to have lasting pictures and memories of your girls with him. It sounds like they were great little travelers and it was, overall, a good trip. I am so sorry you all came home sick though!

  5. What cute little outfits! Sounds like a great Christmas !