Thursday, November 7, 2013

This & That

I haven't done a "this & that" post in a while. Just thought I would update on the odds and ends going on in life, but not enough to actually make a blog post about.

#1....  My daughter worked her first full weekend last week. I am still in shock that she is working and soon to be driving! Here is my not so little anymore Braums employee.. This weekend we are going to set up her first checking account, Can you believe this? My daughter with a checking account and job. I think as many times as I say this it won't hit home for me.

#2..................Yesterday walking out my door, I saw this. Not sure if you aware but on facebook many people are doing the 30 days of thankful. When I saw this sky, I said to myself " I am so thankful to be alive and healthy" seeing such beauty truly makes you stop for a minute and realize just how good life is.

#3........... I looked back at my posts here lately and realized I have totally turned into a Negative Nancy and I don't like that side of myself.  Since it is a choice, I don't want to see that ugly side of me anymore then I absolutely have to. I knew this last night when Al came home and bought me home some flowers from the market. 

 #4.......... went in for my cd2 baseline this morning. My lining was at 6.5 and I had about 20 AF. I also had a 20mm cyst on my right ovary. Waiting on E2 levels to come back to know rather I can go forward with this cycle or have to set this one out. I do know that stimming with FSH that this happens a lot. Guess we will see what later today brings.

Thanks for joining my "this & that" post.

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