Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just call me

Yeah just start calling me slick cool wheels. I totally side swiped a mini van this morning and it was my fault. Usually when it comes to driving I am a great driver. Almost perfect driving record. Hopefully it will stay that way after this morning. I was trying to merge onto a major interstate and was behind a guy who thought it was smart to merge at 15mph. Yes during the rush hour to work traffic and with the cars going 70mph he thought that 15mph was an ideal speed. So I tried to get around him and there was a van. Oops. I hit her and we still managed to be in front of the asshole who got on the highway at 15mph. I am not sure about your state, but Oklahoma is filled with freaking stupid ass drivers! We ALL know that when merging onto a road you do the speed of flowing traffic or a little faster, but by NO means 50mph slower!~ Ugh... The lady I hit was very nice and I apologized like ten times. I didn't see any damage on her mini van and at the time there didn't seem like there was damage on mine ( I didn't really look that well). We exchanged insurance information and drivers license information and went on our way. I called my husband and he informed me on how wrong I did things.

#1 " You are suppose to call the police"
#2 " She could damage her vehicle and file a claim against you"

I suppose he is right, but at the moment I was just thinking about catching up with the asshole merging at 15 mph and slap the shit out of him for the day.

When I got to work I actually took time and noticed I do have damage to my front fender. I don't think it is enough to be over our deductible, but I don't know. My hubby is going to call the insurance company to let them know there was a little accident this morning and no visible damage to the other vehicle.

Slick Cool Wheels signing off for today....

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