Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today is my official CD1. I contacted Dr. Kims office two days ago and informed them of the negative pregnancy test and requested my kit for cd1-cd3 testing that I have to overnight back to them every month. No answer back, no kit in my mail. I sent another message this morning and explained that this is time senstive and I have not recieved any responses from their office and asked if we were just bypassing bloodwork this month. The problem is, I have called the office and was told specifically to not call and leave messages because they would not answer them quickly. Instead I am to use the patient portal and send messages. I have been following all the confusing directions I have been given. I am doing my job by going to several different places a month to have blood done and shipping it overnight (which is very expensive). I have made calendars, notes and even have freaking nightmares about this new protocol that I am trying to do step by step. Why am I not getting the same in return? I will make this very clear, I think Dr. Kim is amazing and a wonderful doctor. I do believe that her protocol will get me pregnant. I am just so frustrated with her office staff. I am having enough issues on my end trying to keep up with things and feel it is very unfair that I have to keep up with them also. 

There was a correspondence two weeks ago with a nurse at her office who told me I shouldn't be on lovenox. I was totally confused. Come to find out she didn't read my chart and had no idea what cd I was even on. I guess my biggest fear is Dr. Kim will quit perscribing me all these new meds that I need if I am not getting my bloodwork done and sent in, but what am I suppose to do? I got a bill the other day for my phone consult with her and it was over $200. I can't really call their office and talk with her directly because of the cost. Somehow there needs to be some communication with her staff and a understanding that they need to do their job like I am doing mine. 

Guess I am done ranting for the day. I am just so frustrated. 

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