Friday, June 19, 2015

This & That

I haven't done a "this & that" post in a while. In fact, I haven't really posted much lately. It seems that my blog is being neglected. I spend so much of my time in my mommy after infertility group that I don't have much time for blogging anymore. I really hate that because I have found over the years that blogging helped me through so much. It helped through the years of infertility, a difficult pregnancy, preemies and NICU time, and Lilah having her open heart surgery. It has been here with me for so much. 

Things going on in the Rapp household:

Yesterday the girls had their 9 month baby well check up. I was very pleased with their progress. Lilah is 12lbs and 26", Olivia is 13lbs 6 oz and 28". The doctor said both their heads are on the chart for normal term babies and that is the most important thing to have on the chart. With weight and height they are still below, but making their own curve and that is all that matters at this point. Both are developing great. Olivia is now sitting up and almost crawling. She has two bottom teeth that popped through. She is eating some table food like, avacado, sweet potatoes, bananas, and she loves these new organic teething biscuits: Healthy times organic maple teethers. Lilah has two teeth that are going to pop through on the top. She is sitting, but definitely is not steady. If she sneezes, she will fall over. She is also eating the same things are sister. Both are suffering with horrible runny noses, watery eyes etc., so the doctor put them on Zyrtec. 


Our house is back on the market again and we have started painting the outside in hopes it will get us an offer. I am really starting to get discouraged on this. I think we've had over 30 viewings and not one offer yet. I guess worst case scenerio, we wait until next year and pay more off and then sell it really cheap. Here is our new yellow color. I really hope it is not too much, but the hunter green had to go.

And finally, with the girls birthday only a few months away, I have decided on a theme........


I told Al the other day that I am going crazy overboard for their first birthday. We will never have anymore babies and I want to remember certain milestones. I already started planning and ordering decorations, found a lady to make the cake etc. I might need to take a second mortgage out on the house , LOL. Here are a few things I am doing for their party:

Gumball pit!


  1. Your house looks great!! I love the candyland theme, how fun!! I say no worries on the blogging, there is a season in life for everything ya know. It's most important to spend your time with your family :)

  2. I love the party theme! It's going to look amazing! And I love the house color. Hoping you guys get an offer here soon. As always, love the pictures of those adorable girls!

  3. I think the house looks great! I Hope it sells quickly for you! That party is just the cutest thing ever! How clever!!!

  4. I'm sorry that your house hasn't sold but it's possible that people just aren't out looking because of all of the bad weather. I like the new paint job! Have you thought about lowering the price?

    1. Our realtor is taking off her commission and we dropped the price $8,000.