Friday, April 3, 2015

Adjusted Ages and Information

I would love to hear from any of you that had preemies 32 weeks or earlier and how they have developed over time with their adjusted ages.

I tell myself over and over that I can't compare my girls to other babies that are 6 1/2 months old and were full term because there is a huge difference.

Olivia is rolling over and this has been a huge accomplishment in the Rapp household. Our pediatrician said both girls are on track for 3+ months old (which is their adjusted age). They are still So little! Olivia is still under 12 pounds and Lilah is a little over 10 pounds. They are wearing 0-3 months in clothes and in fact, Lilah can still wear newborn. My girls are just little peanuts. I know with Lilah that she has a lot to overcome with her heart surgery and prematurity.

Please share your stories with me and help ease a mom's mind..................................

OH and I do get tired of taking them out in public and people constantly commenting on our " new babies".


  1. Go Lilah! She's catching up to Olivia! She an amazing little! Your girls are so sweet!

  2. I still age-adjust. I find it's important not only for milestones but also for communicating with their caregivers. It also tends to shut-up people who have "advice" or "insights" as it throws them out of their mindset.

  3. A friend sent me your blog and suggested I comment as I have mono mono girls who were born at 29 weeks. My girls are now almost 15 months actual, one year corrected. Yes, I still adjust 😊 Actually, you should correct their ages until they turn two. At that point, they'll be caught up and you can go by actual age.

    I definitely struggled in the beginning with the change. I actually stopped looking at Baby Center and The Bump's milestone tracker because it was more annoying than true for them, and that was based on corrected age.

    My girls were always average size so didn't have much of the new baby comments, but do get a lot of very nosey questions and people asking about my delivery and if I breastfed, etc.

    Not only should you not compare your babes to babies their actual age, but try not to compare them to each other or babies their corrected age. It's really hard not to, and sometimes it may actually make you sad, but it does get better. Trust me! Good luck 😊

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving advice and information!