Wednesday, April 8, 2015

7 months

On April 10th the girls will be 7 months old and 4.5 months adjusted. Where has the time gone? Lately I sit and look at Lilah. I can't honestly believe how different of a baby she is. I remember for some many months of NICU and 4+ months of that damn feeding tube and all the medications, heart surgery and now I look at my beautiful, spunky little girl and just can't believe how far we have made it. It almost seems like a dream. This coming Monday Lilah will start daycare with Olivia. I feel so blessed that we were financial able to keep her out of daycare for 7 months. My aunt from California is still here watching here. I know it is going to break her heart leaving Lilah. They have an amazing connection now.  I see many face time sessions in our future and maybe a few trips to California when the girls are a little older.

Poor Olivia has been battling a nasty stomach virus for well over a week now. Poor kid has a red rear. We have pumped her full of pedialyte, along with rice cereal and bananas. Finally this morning I think she is turning the corner and improving. Yesterday she puked all over her teacher at daycare. So both of them were in different clothes when I picked her up. 

This weekend we are packing the girls up and taking a quick trip to Arkansas to visit Al's grandfather. He is 95 and absolutely loves the babies. I had a photobook made up for him a few weeks ago from Shutterfly. Al's dad said he looks at it about 5 times a day. So sweet!

House Hunting/Selling.................... it is not going great. 

First of all we will start with listing our home. We signed a contract with the realtor two weeks ago. This was after we went through at least 5 realtors that never showed up to look at our house. It was a struggle to find anyone. We happened to find this woman because she was showing a house that we were interested in. After some conversation, she agreed to list out of her area. Well after looking at our house she had a LONG list of repairs we needed to do before it would even list.: 
New carpet in loft and back room
New paint throughout the house
Rip down guttering outside
Replace wood trim pieces outside 
Repaint the wood on outside of house.
 Our little house:

Stage where it looks like we don't own 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 babies

Right now we have everything done except the new carpet laid, and painting outside. New carpet should be installed within the week and she will have her professional photographer come take pics and list it. 
So at every showing of our home we have to take dogs, cats, babies and hide crates, litter boxes etc. Also stage. Because our house is so small and we need everything that is in there right now, before a showing we will have to pull up Al's truck and load all the crap we use on daily basis while house is being shown. I would say she is effing insane for requesting this, but I want to sell and move so badly. ( In case you think think this is as crazy as I do, let me put the cherry on top), our house is only going to be listed for $108,000. That is a hell of a lot of work for such a cheap listing. Agreed??

Now on to House Hunting..................................
It sucks.

We have one small certain area we want to live in and our budget is even smaller. There are certain things we must have.:

1 acre lot for animals
Storm cellar

The bottom 3 we can add after buying the house, but it would be nice to have it all there. So the houses we are looking at ranges about a total of 10-15 to choose from. Like I said, this house selling/ hunting really sucks

So wish us luck!!


  1. I am so glad to hear both of the babies are doing well :) I remember reading all of this at the time but it seems like it was so long ago. House hunting stinks! In the area we live there is literally nothing to buy that doesn't need to be 100% renovated so we are going to build...which gives me a headache! haha

    1. Amie I almost wonder if that is an idea we will need to entertain.

  2. House selling and hunting seriously sucks! It's all so stressful. I hope that it works out for you. As you know we bought a house where inside and outside, everything needed rehab. If we tried to do that with Izzy and daycare payments it would be crazy and would not have gotten done as quickly as it did (well, we still aren't finished but 2.5 years later almost every room has had an overhaul).

    1. I hear you! I would prefer a move in ready home and hopefully something will land in our laps :)

  3. So glad to hear Lilah continues to thrive! After everything, this is awesome news. Poor Olivia!!! I hope she feels better very soon.

    House hunting/selling. Makes my head hurt. I can't believe all you've been through just to get a realtor!!! Serious, these people are suppose to work on commission. Hope the last of the repairs go quick and may the rest of the process go smooth.

    1. Cristy I was seriously about to throw in the towel before we even got started. I was SO frustrated that we couldn't get 1 realtor at our home.

  4. Crazy that the girls are 7 months! Even crazier is thinking back to how hard those first couple months were and not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember those days, and Rylee's issues weren't nearly the same as Lilah's.

    House selling/hunting does suck. We've made it through the first stage, but in about a year, we'll be starting our own house hunting!