Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7 21 2015

So a lot has happened since my last house update. We found a house with the perfect location overlooking the lake and had 2,00-sq ft. It needed some updates and was being sold "AS IS". Our realtor suggested we do a 203k loan and get all the renovations done and added to our loan. We put in an offer at full price and 1/2 closing costs. The realtor for the seller is old and very grumpy. He automatically shut us down and said he wouldn't even take our offer to the seller because the house was being sold "AS IS" and would not qualify for an FHA loan. Our realtor tried to explain the 203k loan and he wasn't having any of it. This was on a Saturday. On Monday we had the mortgage broker call the old man and explain the loan to him. He came back and told our realtor that the sellers were wanting to agree to our offer, but he wasn't going to recommend they move forward with us unless we gave him our credit scores. My this time I was beyond pissed! I told Al there was no freaking way in hell I was giving this man my credit score. So we had our realtor write an amendment to our original offer stating what he was doing was not acceptable practice and we were not providing our credit score to him. No answer for another few days. Our realtor calls him back and asks if he received our response and of course he said no. He then says that he would be acceptable if we sent him two different approvals for above the listing price on the house. Well we were already accepted by three different lenders, so we did send the approval letters. He then states he never received an offer from us (almost a week later with no answers from first offer). Then hangs up on our realtor. Finally last Friday he said the sellers accepted our offer, but we had to pay our earnest money to him directly. We had until yesterday at 5 to respond. After talking and thinking all weekend, we walked away from a house we loved and had so much investment potential. We basically told him we were turning him into the real estate commission for not acceptable practice and we would not pay him a dime directly and then we walked away.

I am not sure about others who have sold and bought a home, but I handled the stress of infertility so much better than this crap.

Last week I ended up in the ER for what I believe to be the worst panic attack I've ever had. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was nauseous, cramps, sweating, heart was racing at 150bpm. It was insane. They did do blood work and said my thyroid was abnormally high. I am waiting to get an appointment with my doctor, but they are booked up until mid August.

To top things off, poor Olivia is on her 3rd ear infection. She has been on two different antibiotics and it is still here, almost two weeks later. Her pediatrician called and they are referring her out to the ENT. I am just waiting to hear back from them.

Oh well this is life :) Wish I had a better update for you guys. Oh, I have been working on the girls 1st birthday party and I was so proud of myself, I made a Dum Dum centerpiece!


  1. Wow that sounds crazy!!! We paid our earnest money to the title company, no way would I pay the realtor! I think we also paid some really small fee to the homeowner directly I forget what that fee was called. I am so sorry it didn't work out though since you loved the house. Maybe the homeowners will realize what kind of guy this is and change realtors.

    The birthday stuff looks adorable!! Hope you get to feeling better soon :)

  2. *hugs* sounds like you're stressed to the max! I hope you're all feeling better and an even better home comes along soon!

  3. Honestly, I would have driven to the house and asked to speak with the sellers. I would have told them how much you loved the house and wanted to make an offer, but would not be doing so because of their realtor. This jackass needs to have his license pulled, but the sellers also need to know that the "favor" they are doing is costing them. Glad you did not give in and give this guy a dime because he would have pocketed all of it. Ugh. So angry for you.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the panic attack. That's awful. And poor Olivia! Let me know if you want to talk about ENTs and ear tubes. We've done this 4 times now.

    And hooray for 1st birthdays!!!

  4. Omg that is totally unacceptable of that man to ask that of you?! He is probably kicking himself now because he could've had it sold! Oh well, I think what you did was right, if it was causing you this much stress off the bat, it was best to let it go. You will find the perfect house! Can't believe you're working on 1st bday stuff already!! Wow!

  5. That old grumpy guy is some piece of work, huh? I feel really bad for the sellers, and really bad for you missing out on buying a house you and Al both loved. However, it sounds like you made the right decision! Now let's keep our fingers crossed for an even better house for you!

  6. Oh my gosh...I am so sorry things have been so crazy for you!
    Hopefully planning for the big birthday bash is helping. I love the outfits...so cute. :)

  7. Ugh, again, this stuff with the realtor is just crazy stressful. But hope the birthday party planning is going well! It's going to be adorable!

  8. Bummer on the house. How could a realtor not know about a 203k loan????

  9. You probably dodged a money pit. Or the old guy had a body buried on the property. You will find your dream home, no worries.