Monday, March 23, 2015

House on Market

After going through numerous realtors, we found one this weekend and our house should be on the market by end of this week. I won't lie, we have A LOT of work that she wants us to do. With two full time jobs and two babies, that doesn't leave much free time. Thankfully my Aunt S is still visiting from California and taking care of Lilah. We did so much this weekend while the time was there and available. Here is our to do list:

  • Rip up and install new carpet in the loft & utility room. We did rip up carpet in utility room this weekend!
  • Re-paint utility room and all the door frames. We have Aunt S working on that!
  • De-clutter house. We took out 3 truck loads of crap from the attic. De-cluttered the nursery, all closets in the house, utility room, bedroom.
  • Replace rotted wood under gutters and re-paint the wood on house. Now this is a BIG task and not really sure how or when this is going to be done. It is an inspection violation though so it has to be done before selling.
  • Before showing the house we have to get the cats and any cat affiliated things out of the house. Our realtor let us know that MANY people don't like cats and won't buy a house if cats are there.
  • Before showing we also need to take the dogs away. So you got it, during a showing, me, Al, Cerra, Lilah, Olivia, Max, Lillie, Boomer, and Izzy need to disappear. This should definitely be interesting.
She wants a professional photographer to come in and take pictures of our house. She did compliment me on how well I have hide that we are cramped to capacity. She also said that I am a good stager and just gave me a few additional tips on what to do before a showing. People like the smell of vanilla or Cinnamon,  so Al and I are going to put some apples in our crockpot with a touch of vanilla and Cinnamon. 

Another issue we are going to deal with is a contingency on buying a home. It has to be contingent on selling our home. So it seems like many things will need to fall into place if we are going to sell our home and buy a new home. Oh did I mention we are on a very strict budget. It seems that sending two babies to daycare cost more than sending them to college....

Oh and a quick update on girls. They just turned 6 months old! Of course with their prematurity, they are developmentally behind a 6 month old that was full term, but their pediatrician is very happy with how they are progressing. Hoping one day they will actually be on the full term chart at doctors office. I am going to throw a huge party that day!

If you want to see picture of the girls, you need to go to my wordpress blog and enter your password.


  1. It's amazing how crazy moving and selling can be. Never easy. Hopefully all things will fall into place, allowing you this transition. I know how stressful all of it can be.

  2. Wow that sounds like a lot but I have no doubt you can handle it after everything else you have handled like a champ!! So glad to hear the girls are doing well also :)

  3. Good luck getting everything done to get ready to sell! That's never a fun process.

    One note- while some realtors will tell you to have a scented candle or something on the stove, other realtors tell you not to because potential buyers will think that you are trying to mask smells in your house. .Food for thought!

  4. Wow. That's a lot to do. Sending you lots of good vibes for stamina and strength!

  5. This sounds so stressful to me - but I'm sure you're managing like a pro! I hope you find some sellers and the perfect new house for your growing family.

  6. Good luck! It's so hard, but it will be worth it, sounds like you've got your work cut out for you, but you'll get there!